DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: Episode 3

Authors: Josh Christopher and Billy Polson




Isolated body part exercises such as a bicep curl or seated leg extension definitely have a role in exercise programs for clients looking to repair muscle imbalances around joints or for body builders looking to develop specific muscle groups. But without progressing these isolated movements into multi-joint, compound exercises, especially when using machines, the body is never fully trained to handle the challenges of functional daily living, much less sports and higher intensity activities like running around with your 5 year old nephew.


In this segment of DIAKADI's DIY Tips Series, fitness trainer Josh Christopher and Billy Polson discuss how compound exercises, such as dumbbell squats, barbell dead lifts or kettlebell swings, are often left out of individuals' workouts due to assumptions that these exercises are unimportant, dangerous or even scary to perform. But each of these functional movements are simply replications of movements we need to perform consistently in our daily lives.  Placing bags of heavy groceries in the car (dumbbell squats), picking up a heavy box (barbell dead lifts) and heaving that same heavy box onto a high shelf (kettlebell swings), are all common tasks that require strong muscle coordination and use of your body's entire kinetic chain. No matter what your goals, do not skip out on multi-joint exercises that work your entire kinetic chain and incorporate your abdominal and core strength in every rep.

For more information on squats, dead lifts and lunges, visit the DIAKADI blog DB04 and search for more videos demonstrating the proper form and safe progressions for each of these movements.

The DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: How to Correct Your Mistakes and Redesign Your Workouts, is a weekly blog series focused on helping clients recognize improper workout practices and consequently correct and improve their own workouts. Each episode will highlight advice from one of DIAKADI’s veteran trainers. Watch DB04 for weekly updates.