DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: Episode 9

Author: Billy Polson

Your legs and pelvis, along with your spine, are the foundation for supporting your body and controlling your movement. Keeping them strong and functionally mobile will help with injury prevention, as well as keeping your lower back and spine pain-free.

While many of us include sagittal plane movements such as squats and dead lifts into our workout programs, we are still missing out on moving through the frontal plane by not doing lateral movements. You want your workouts to be completed by taking your body through all planes of motion in order to keep you body balanced and injury free.


The DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: How to Correct Your Mistakes and Redesign Your Workouts, is a weekly blog series focused on helping clients recognize improper workout practices and consequently correct and improve their own workouts. Each episode will highlight advice from one of DIAKADI’s veteran trainers. Watch DB04 for weekly updates.