Since DIAKADI has opened in 2004, we have always strove to give our clients the best possible workouts and the most nutritional fuel to help them with their goals. Eating clean whole foods is how we fuel ourselves, and are always searching for the best organic food choices in the area. DIAKADI immediately partnered with Traci Freeman and her company, Lilah Belle's. "Eating Lilah Belle's meals weekly has saved our waistline and given us the much needed energy to get through our day. It's perfectly balanced with proteins, carbs and fats, that helps to keep us energized to motivate our clients. It's also the perfect meal to reheat in the oven when we get home after a long day of work" says owner Mike Clausen. Many of our clients and trainers take advantage of the Lilah Belle's delivery service here at DIAKADI. Catering to San Francisco, East Bay and Peninsula, Lilah Belle's has a retail store at 1207 Divisadero Street where you can drop in and purchase meals. They also will deliver to your house, office, and even DIAKADI. You can order how much or little you want and know that it is delicious, organic and will help with your fitness goals. They offer everything from breakfast to healthy smoothies to dinners as well as cater your parties!

Recently Lilah Belle's was featured on ABC 7 for their ability to help you with your nutritional goals by creating amazing on the go meals. If you are interested in learning more about Lilah Belle's check out their website here. DIAKADI also orders Lilah Belle's meals every week for our clients to purchase through our Pro-Shop. Please see the front desk to purchase your next pre-made meal for your post workout lunch or dinner!