10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body: Episode 1

Authors: Gina Gutierrez and Kaveh Gorgani

Summer is here and you need to trim down in the smartest and most efficient way possible. Knowing what foods to eliminate from your diet is the most important first step to your success.

In this first installment of DIAKADI's 'Summer School with DB04 - 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body', fitness performance trainer Kaveh Gorgani speaks with DIAKADI Partner/Trainer Gina Gutierrez about the top 3 things to remove from your diet when trying to look your best in your swim suit this year.


To reduce your body fat and eliminate unnecessary bloating, Gorgani recommends:

1. Eliminate Processed Foods and Refined Sugars Avoid powders, protein bars, crackers, cookies, pasta, chips, tortillas, etc

2. Eliminate Inflammatory Foods Avoid All Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Sugars

3. Limit or Avoid Sodium and Alcohol Especially watch for these when eating out.


Watch for 'Summer School with DB04 - Step 2: Eat This, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle' for advice on what foods to add back in to your diet this summer.

'Summer School with DB04 - 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body' is DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life's 10 part series detailing exactly what steps to take for fat loss, muscle building and looking your best this summer. The series will address nutrition, cardio exercise, and muscle development programs for full body development.

Stay tuned for the entire series on DB04.

DIAKADI's 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body in 2014

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