Who needs this exercise?

The Posterior Kinetic Chain exercise is a common exercise that Psoas Massage + Bodywork gives to many of our desk workers. This exercise is extremely useful for climbers as well because the forward, rounded posture of climbers mimics the posture of desk workers. This exercise helps your upper back stay toned and ready to combat the ever-strengthening muscles in your chest and neck that are continuously pulling your shoulders forward.
Performing the Posterior Kinetic Chain exercise on a regular basis will have the effect of keeping you closer to the wall while climbing, which will place your center of gravity in a more optimal position to allow your legs to take on more of the effort of climbing.
For the best results:

  • With the Wall Angel (exercise 1) try to keep your entire body against the wall while doing the movement - butt, low back, shoulders, the entire arm and wrist.
  • With each of the final 4 exercises hold the position for 30 seconds, breathe and try to relax your muscles.
  • The Wall Angel is way harder than it looks.
  • This shouldn't be painful, it should only be mildly challenging.
Note: if you are experiencing severe pain or numbness and tingling in your arms and hands see a professional before attempting this or other stretches. If you feel excess pain during the stretch, discontinue until checking with a professional.