One of the most important of Tai Chi’s many supporting exercise routines is chansigong, otherwise known as “silk-reeling” or “spiral-power” exercises. Silk-reeling is used to develop whole-body coordination, core- and lower-body strength, and especially to cultivate the interface between mental intention, action, and the spiraling flow of internal energy, or chi.

Since the routine is low aerobic and non-impact, it’s appropriate for almost anyone, including older athletes, those recovering from illness or injury, and those working to overcome long-standing chronic conditions.

  • Date: Thursday, June 5th
  • Time: 1-2pm
  • Location: DIAKADI
  • Cost: DIAKADI Trainers and DIAKADI Clients FREE | Community $30
  • Presenter: Malcolm Dean

In this short workshop, we’ll be using the spiral power exercises of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang to explore the nature and power of the Energy Body—a concept very real in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and Tai Chi, but still somewhat an enigma in the West. Our aim will be to make this esoteric concept of practical use in all everyday activities. Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • The Four Bodies
  • Mindfulness in motion

Anatomy of the Energy Body as used in the marital arts:320_Buddha_s_Warrior_V

  • The central dantian
  • The major energy channels
  • The important acupuncture points
  • Working with the Energy Body in action:
  • Moving from the center (dantian)
  • Creating the microcosmic orbit (in all three body planes)
  • Creating the internal chord (the root of internal strength)

Presenter: Malcolm Dean