10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body: Episode 5

Authors: Gina Gutierrez and Billy Polson


If you are trying to burn fat and build muscle, how many days of strength training should you be doing in your summer workout program? 
If you are looking for the maximum increases in muscle mass and strength, how many sets and reps are optimal?

In this fifth installment of DIAKADI's 'Summer School with DB04 - 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body', fitness performance coach and DIAKADI founder Billy Polson speaks with DIAKADI Partner/Trainer Gina Gutierrez about the best way to break out your exercise days, set counts and rep counts for maximum summer body results. 


Polson recommends:

For Beginners or Clients Wanting Fat Reduction:

  • Start with Full Body Part Days with Compound Movements (Squats, Lunges, Dead Rows, Pushups, etc)
  • Perform Each Exercise for a Minimum of 3 Sets of 10-14 Reps
  • Minimum 3 Strength Workouts per Week

For Maximum Muscle Mass and Strength Gains:
Try One of the Following Exercise Breakouts:

A: PUSH and PULL Days with 1 Large Legs Exercise per Day and Opposing Arm Exercises PUSH = Chest, Shoulder (Mid and Front Delts), Barbell Squats or Dead Lifts, and Biceps PULL = Back (Pull-ups and Rows), Rear Delts, Dumbbell Lunges or Step Ups, and Triceps

B: Individual Body Part Days (CHEST, BACK, SHOULDERS, LEGS) with Alternating Day Arm Exercises CHEST = Bench Press, DB Flys, Pushups, Cable Flys, etc with Isolated Biceps BACK = Pull-ups, Cable Rows, Barbell Dead Rows, etc with Isolated Triceps SHOULDERS = Dumbbell Press, Cable Laterals, Reverse Flys, etc with Isolated Biceps LEGS = Barbell Squats, Dumbbell Lunges, Romanian Dead Lifts, etc with Isolated Triceps C: Alternating One of the Above Style Strength Days with a Cardio/Strength Intervals Day DAY 1: CHEST Strength Day DAY 2: Alternate 1 Minute Cardio Sprints (Treadmill, Jump Rope, etc) with BACK Strength Exercises DAY 3: SHOULDERS Strength Day DAY 4: Alternate 1 Minute Cardio Sprint with LEG Strength Exercises (Week 2 swap which muscle groups are the Strength Days and which are the Cardio Interval Days)

  • Perform Each Exercise for 4-6 Sets of 6-10 Reps
  • Minimum 4-6 Strength Workouts per Week

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Good luck trying these changes to your current workout program design.

Watch for 'Summer School with DB04 - Step 6: The 3 Best Exercises for Leg and Butt Development' for advice on the best bang for the buck lower body exercises.

'Summer School with DB04 - 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body' is DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life's 10 part series detailing exactly what steps to take for fat loss, muscle building and looking your best this summer. The series will address nutrition, cardio exercise, and muscle development programs for full body development.

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