Have you ever felt like everyone else has got it all figured out? But you, on the other hand, just can’t seem to find your way? Almost as if, everyone received a manual on how to be successful in life but you were absent when it was handed out? Trust me. We’ve ALL been there. And, with our crazy obsession with social media, this problem has only been exacerbated.

How many times have you been on Facebook, getting completely caught up with what all your ‘friends’ have been up to? After a few minutes of browsing smiling selfies and sunsets, you find yourself feeling kind of shitty.

Oh, and guilty too! What kind of person feels bad about all the great things going on in everyone’s lives?Keep it real concept.

Here’s the truth. You’re only seeing the good stuff. It’s their highlights reel. No one posts pictures of themselves struggling to figure out what to do. Or pictures of them failing at a movement..or pictures of them with a bad (enter anything here) day.  All the hard work is behind the scenes.

Yeah. You already know that, don’t you? But here’s the problem. That’s not how we take it in.  We have double standards. One standard for everyone. And one standard for us.

It usually sounds something like...’Why can’t I seem to ever figure this out? When will I ever get engaged/buy a new car/go on vacation? When am I ever going to be that happy?

Let’s get real shall we?

As wonderful as Facebook can be, I always tell my clients - go spend your time living your actual lives vs. reading about the lives other people are promoting. I get it though. I’ve been there too.  It’s wonderful to be entertained, to communicate with loved ones, to share wonderful pictures of children growing up, gorgeous vacation days and goals accomplished - to a point.

The trouble arises when you subconsciously apply the double standard of your life vs. the ‘Facebook’ life.  When you notice this happening, pause and remember that everyone starts somewhere (usually at the very beginning!). Hard work, dedication, failures...all lead to the success you see. So hold yourself to the same standard. If you’re having a shitty day - don’t assume you’re the only one. And no, don’t go to Facebook for proof that other people are also having a shitty day - they are NOT likely going to post about it.

Be kind to yourself. A good life is not just smiling pictures, great hair days and goals accomplished.  It’s working through sticking points, it’s persevering even when it sucks...it’s working hard and working late. Life is everything.

Sweet AND sour. Day AND night. Laughter AND tears.

And that’s what makes a life truly lived. That is the stuff of AWESOME.

P.S.  Having a shitty day? Call me! I’ve had my share of them and maybe together…we can get on the other side of it.