Forget to pack a lunch or are scrambling to find something healthy at the last minute? Food delivery services throughout San Francisco will bring you healthy, portioned, freshly prepared meals right to your door. You can even order a weeks worth of food ahead of time. Now there's really no excuse to be buying greasy take-out for a late night dinner. Here are our top picks for best meal delivery services in San Francisco. [divider] [/divider]

Lilah Belle's


Organic, low calorie,nutritionally balanced meals that actually fill you up and taste great too!  How is this even possible?! Lilah Belle's makes this happen with meals like pork chops with blackberry port sauce, chickpea vegetable salad with curried yogurt dressing, and teriyaki chicken with tangy apricot sauce. What isn't there to love about this place? Delivery happens twice a week on Monday or Tuesday depending on where you live. If you can't plan that far in advance, you can buy their meals right here at DIAKADI or stop by their shop on Divisadero on your way to work.

Luke's Local


If you want a food delivery service that provides fresh, organic meals alongside local, sustainable groceries than look no further. Luke's Local has a wide variety of fresh gourmet meals ready for the taking. With prepared meals like marinated hanger steak, confit california yellowtail, and roasted pepper lasagna, who needs to sit a restaurant when you can have a gourmet meal at home? Even better, if you have a family they have family meal bundles to feed your family local, organic food for a few days so it's one less thing you'll have to think about during the week.




Want a delicious gourmet meal from a company that gives back to people in need? This community based company donates a meal to someone in need every time you order a meal. That's just one of many reasons why you should be ordering food from Munchery. With a rotating daily menu prepared by gourmet chefs, you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will come to your doorstep at the time you have specified ahead of time. Extra brownie points for free delivery all throughout San Francisco! DIAKADI client's in the past have received deliveries to the gym so right when they're done working out they have a fresh meal waiting for them. Genius!

Square Meals


Square Meals is awesome. Plain and simple. The menu changes on a weekly basis and items include, but are not limited to, king salmon, pot roast, and a stuffed chicken that is sure to satisfy your protein needs.If you're on Polk street you can check out their cafe that serves fresh seasonal meals from scratch daily. You can even pick up some Batter Bakery's treats for dessert, turning your square meal into more of a pentagon.  Don't worry, it will be our little secret.



Get the most delicious iPhone app out on the market right now. With three taps on your iPhone, you can get locally-sourced seasonal meals delivered right to your door in minutes. They even offer gluten free and vegetarian options to help cater to special dietary needs. At $9 per lunch and $10 per dinner, these meals are quite a steal for food on the go.


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