DIAKADI Client Cassandra Steptoe has a story to tell. A story about rising above the rough times in her life and opening up her heart and life to the world. At 58 years old, Cassandra has lost 20 lbs since she started her training with DIAKADI Trainer Polina Smith, but more importantly, she has learned to embrace her body and is excited to be living her life to the fullest.

Cassandra was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the core members of The Medea Project, a theater program for women that are living with HIV.

She offers this advice to people that are struggling with their health, fitness, and lives:

1- BE CONSISTENT with your workouts and healthy eating. Get to the gym at least once a week and live an active life (walking, hiking, etc) as much as you can.

2- MAKE A PLAN and ask for expert help if you need it. Help with knowing what to do as well as help with your motivation and inspiration to keep the program going.

3- HAVE FUN with it. Cassandra works out with her 6 year old grand daughter Vassidy, also known as the 'Cupcake of Light', for most workouts. Trust me, anyone would enjoy their workout with Vassidy at their side!

Cassandra and Vaside Polina 119


San Francisco Chronicle Article: Theater program helps women disclose HIV status

The DIAKADI Difference is a program where DIAKADI Trainers volunteer their time to work with members of the San Francisco community that are in great need of fitness, health and life coaching and do not have the resources available to set their work in motion.