DIAKADI trainer Sean Mapoles will be introducing his new organic supplement, Red Revive, to DIAKADI in November! Stop by to say hi and test his anabolic nitro boosting creation!  


  • Date: Wednesday November 5th
  • Time: 7-10am
  • Location: DIAKADI
  • Presenter Sean Mapoles

What Does It Do

Red Revive is a premium superfood cocktail designed to raise the anabolic threshold through increased oxygen uptake and vasodilation. This means Red Revive allows you to lift harder, run faster, and move more fluidly.

Why I Created It

Red Revive was created out of frustration. I'm a picky eater. The vast majority of the time I only eat local and organic. Finding a supplement that matched this description without an added sweetner was impossible. So I started to research what it takes to put together my own supplement.


I'm a nerd. Pubmed is the land of plenty, so I started doing research on what whole food ingredients (that is non-synthetic ingredients) were producing performance results for athletes. The place I landed was beets and protein. Having personal trained for years I was already well researched on the topic of protein, but beets were new.


I formed a hypothesis based on exeter research, and began testing the amount of beet powder (versus raw beet juice) that it took to increase NO blood levels. I found the amount I liked, and then looked for a non-catabolic energizing component. Despite the modern contention that caffeine has no affect on gut-lining and inflammation, I find the reverse to be true. However, Maca, Rhodiola and Ginseng provide the same affect without the inflammatory burden.

Flavoring and Additions

Red Revive contains zero added sugar or sweeteners of any kinda. So how do we make it taste good? Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Peel, and Black Pepper. This trio goes a long way to flavoring Red Revive...and naturally there are many benefits to each of these ingredients.

For more information visit the Red Revive website.