Our newest section on DB04 is all about trainers going INDY. GO INDY = Starting your own personal training business and tackling the independent industry.

It’s time.

A lot of trainers reach a point in their life when they ask themselves if they can run their own business.

We are here to tell you YES. We are here to lay out the facts. We are here to guide you. We want you to be a part of our COMMUNITY.

Working for yourself is absolutely within reach and we’re here to show you how. With over ten years of experience leading DIAKADI and kick starting many trainers’ businesses, GINA GUTIERREZ + THE DIAKADI TEAM will offer unmatched approaches and guidance on the ins and outs of being your own boss.


[huge_it_slider id="1"]Our blog posts will feed you the tools and confidence needed to start your own business and keep it running successfully.

Our first release through BIZ TIPS will be released after Thanksgiving, discussing our top five tools for small business organization.

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