Whether you are an accomplished trainer with your own studio or making the transition to become an independent trainer, running your business brings challenges of all kinds. Don’t get too stressed though, we have put together 5 great tools to help you manage your personal training business and become more independent! Get better results out of your work, increase your bottom line, and have the ability to teach the practice that you desire. From programming to accounting, client management to anatomical references, these tools have been tested, tried and DIAKADI approved!  



This easy to use multiplatform application is great for programming, organizing clients, storing  notes and forms, and sharing resources and information directly with your client. Evernote allows you to easily create notebooks for each client and share their workouts, meal plans, programming, and goals through email or the app. Store files, forms and photos within individual notes or a notebook, and be able to access them on any device. Encourage your clients to reference their past workouts, and keep progressing even on their off days! One of the best qualities of Evernote for trainers is the loose structure that gives you flexibility to organize your notes however you want, wherever you want on any platform you work with.





The maker of this one of a kind anatomy app, 3D4 Medical, specializes in medical, health, fitness, and educational programs and applications for just about anyone who wants to learn. Essential Anatomy 4 is a total body, easy to use, detailed anatomical reference app that is the perfect tool to have in any healthcare professional’s pocket. This brilliant app includes detailed 3D images of 11 of the body's systems and 4,800 anatomical structures, the ability to see them in isolation from any angle, and detailed descriptions of each structure. The graphics are stunning, the layout is clean and polished, and the navigation is seamless. I highly recommend this reference tool not just for trainers and healthcare professionals, but for clients and patients as well.




Google has come a long way since its first debut as a search engine. With intuitive platforms and industry leading cloud infrastructure, Google’s Apps for Work is an all-in-one productivity suite for businesses of any size. Most of us already use google in one way or another and it’s free, so, why pay? The premium feature allows you to create your personalized website, and host your professional email through Gmail. It also features a higher level of synchronicity, larger storage capacity across Gmail and Drive, and 24/7 phone support. Google’s immaculate cloud proficiency enables hassle free storage of all of your files, always accessible on any device and synced wonderfully. From building your website to scheduling clients, creating spreadsheets and updating them across platforms, Google Apps for Work makes work is our most well-rounded tool for becoming an independent  trainer. It feels great to have all of your stuff in one place everywhere you go.




For those of us who balk at having to write with a pen and paper (so old school), there is this wonderful website called Typeform for all of your trainer forms. Typeform's goal: make forms awesome!  Easily create any type of form in a number of beautiful layouts customizable with your business logo and information. Creating your par q, client intake forms, liability waivers, surveys and client questionnaires have never been this easy. Typeform also walks you through attaching your forms to your website and provides you with the paid options of collecting payments, personalized automatic responses, logic jumps calculations for those par q’s! No more paper or bulky notebooks required, Typeform just made your life digital. 



As trainers, one of the aspects of business we commonly struggle with is finance and accounting management. The ideal accounting tool for a trainer would include cash flow sheets, expense reports, the ability to invoice and create receipts, and whatever the accountant needs to do our taxes. Depending on the size of your business, we have come up with three tools to assist you in the complex world of money management.




As mentioned above Google Apps for Work allows you to create spreadsheets that work with all popular file types. Create a cash flow and have the ability to sync it with Microsoft Outlook. For trainers just getting your business started this is the ideal tool. It involves a little more hands on work, but is simple and easy without too many options that you can’t afford.




For the more established business owner seeking a little more synchronicity there is Xero.This cloud based accounting software comes with many features relevant to our business including: detailed cash flow analysis, bank reconciliation, invoicing and client management. It also includes add ons for payroll, expense reports, inventory, and more. Running from 9$ - 70$ monthly (depending on features) Xero can be your full time  financial assistant.





Our third and most inclusive suite for accounting and finances is MindBody, but it doesn’t stop at accounting. Mindbody is a completely customizable scheduling and online booking platform, POS station, accounting hub, and multi faceted client management and marketing tool. With packages from $85 - $150 monthly, Mindbody is catered toward the well established fitness entrepreneur, fitness studio, or multi practice professional.



With these 5 tools, you will be able to overcome the challenges of growing a successful business and flourish to new heights. By utilizing one or all of these tools, you can stay organized, clean up your financials, digitize your business, and bring relevant knowledge into the hands of both you and your clients.