DIAKADI Trainer, Nate Miyaki, named one of Greatist's 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness has just written a new book, The Truth About Carbs: How to Eat Just the Right Amount of Carbs, To Slash Fat, Look Great Naked, & Live Lean Year- Round.  Nate touches upon some of the key misconceptions of carbohydrates such as Paleo low carb diets vs. Atkins no carb diets and Whole Grain Groupies vs. Carb Cutting Cults; emphasizing the differences in diets based on individual physical activity levels. If you're looking to stop fearing carbs, educate yourself on proper nutrition, and understand what foods will work best for you based on your lifestyle, this is the book for you!

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And now, we break down the first three chapters of Nate's new book with some of our favorite quotes and facts. Take a look.


Number 1


"The Carbohydrate Wars--they’re a real doozy. They have been raging in gyms, kitchens, and nutrition conferences for decades, and will continue to do so into eternity.  There's religious-like passion and cult-like followings on both sides of the fence. The pendulum of popularity seems to swing back and forth between the two.

So unless you take a little time to educate yourself, you will continue to be Dazed & Carb Confused.  You’ll keep following the trends, marketing madness, and cookie-cutter diets vs. finding what work best for you.  You will yo-yo back and forth between quick-fix extremes and rapid rebounds instead of living lean year-round by following a customized lifestyle plan.


You want the Carb Truth?  Do you think you can handle it?


Both sides of the battle can be right.  Both approaches can work.  Real world results and evidence among athletes, fitness models, and physique enthusiasts prove that.  So does a plethora of research.  For the geeks like me, you’ll get to see a lot of this research later.  For the non-geeks, it is separated out so you can skip over it.  The main goal of this book is to get you on a targeted fat loss plan, not to make you fall asleep in a lecture.

Carb confusion in the public and problems in the individual person arise when fitness writers and coaches try to slot everyone into one universal system and proclaim it is the best for everyone, everywhere.

The diet industry has lost the principle of Specificity--matching your plan to your individual situation and goal.  There is no "Perfect Diet" that can claim a throne.  The next time someone claims to be king, punch them in the high-carb breadbasket or kick them in the low-carb nuts.

There are multiple effective diets based on a variety of different situations and goals.  We will get you to the right one based on where you are currently at and where you ultimately want to go."



Number 2


"When I combined low-carb eating with consistent, intense, anaerobic training, it was a disaster.  I lost lean muscle mass, ended up skinny-fat, caught every cold that came around town, suffered from insomnia, was anxious and depressed all of the time (and I’m normally a laid-back, happy beach dude), and ended up with the testosterone levels of a 70 year-old.


It wasn’t until I returned to my Exercise Physiology roots, applied the principle of Specificity not only to my training plan, but to my diet plan as well, incorporated some Sports Nutrition principles back into my plan, and re-integrated some carbs back into my diet that my results took off.

Yes, if carbs are overeaten, they can inhibit the fat loss process. But in the right amounts and situations, they can support it."




Number 3


Match your carbohydrate intake to your individual activity levels, metabolic condition, and physique or performance goals.  It really is that simple.

A 300lbs, obese, sedentary, pre-diabetic office worker trying to improve biomarkers of health and save his or her life DOES NOT have the exact same nutritional needs as a 175lbs, lean, fit, insulin-sensitive athlete trying to reach elite levels of performance or physical development, and maybe has the less noble, but equally important goal of getting big guns and a shredded 6-pack. Neither does the relatively fit woman trying to turn it up for the next few months and rock a bikini come summertime.

Yet, that's what you have to believe if you buy into the dogmatic adherence to a one-size-fits all "diet system."


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You can check out the book’s description, table of contents, and read the first two chapters (The Great Carb Debate & The Downside of Mismatched Diets) for free by visiting the book’s page on Amazon here: The Truth About Carbs. To learn more about Nate Miyaki, visit his website or chat with him on twitter.