If you are like me, you tend to over eat the most when (1) you are sitting around bored and hanging out at home and (2) when a spread of sugary and/or savory deliciousness is laid out in front of you in the ultimate foodie’s buffet just ready for the grazing! Put these 2 together and you have the definition of Christmas Day for many of us. Add a little spiked egg nog into the equation to blur your judgement and you will be eating until the cows come home…literally.

Sticking with the philosophy of Day 3 and The 80/20 Rule, I am not going to tell you to skip the feast completely, but why not use that cracked on sugar high to move and be active a bit?

Go ahead and enjoy the treats of Christmas morning, but I recommend making some movement part of your Christmas Day tradition.

Whether you are on Maui (you lucky dogs) or in Minneapolis, or even somewhere deep in the ‘in between’, I have gathered some cool ideas for making the Holiday Hustle part of your new tradition. If you are hoping to use these as a temporary escape from the craziness of family, then keep these ideas to yourself and use them as some time alone to regroup. Or feel free to wrap these ideas into something that everyone can do together.

Happy Holiday Hustle everyone!

How to Hustle Where  ‘Baby, Its Warm Outside’  (Mild/Warm Climates)

1. You Better Bike, Britney

All levels of folks can usually handle a casual, cross-city bike ride. Rent bikes or use one of the city bike share programs that are spreading like wild flower across the globe. (Check here to see if your city offers a share program.)

If you are hosting your family in San Francisco for the big day, take advantage of the new Bay Area Bike Share and hop around between their bike pick up points spread throughout the city.

2. An Outdoor Version of the DIAKADI Destination Workout

Try this ultimate workout, designed for people of all levels. You need no equipment and minimal space is fine. If it is a family event, allow each person to choose their own appropriate level for each exercise from the instructional videos. This way you can all safely exercise at the same time. If you are in San Francisco for the holidays, I recommend completing the workout down on the new outdoor Fitness Court at The Marina Green. It is a great outdoor workout arena, with some helpful basic equipment, on a padded workout floor with the Golden Gate Bridge as your back drop.

3. The Holiday Stroll

Take a nice holiday walk across the city. Window shop, look at the lights, or maybe even Prancercise. And in the spirit of 80/20, if you would like, bring a to-go cup of ‘holiday cheer’ with you. I have heard of some delinquents in SF using to-go coffee cups with lids to walk around the city drinking champagne while holiday window shopping. But I have no idea who these hoodlums are! The new Bay Bridge also has an amazing new walking and biking path that starts in Emeryville. (You can park in the Emeryville Bay Street shopping mall pay lot and head out from there.)

4. Holiday Hoops

When was the last time you played a good basketball game of HORSE?  Shooting some ball on your own or with the family is always a good time. In San Francisco, head up to Walter Haas Park in Twin Peaks and enjoy playing family 'Hoops with a View' (this gorgeous public park looks out across the entire city) or a game of  ‘Holiday Horse’. If basketball is not your thing, check out Mission Bay Creek Park for some great urban sand volleyball courts.

[one_half]"In San Francisco, head up to Walter Haas Park in Twin Peaks and enjoy playing family 'Hoops with a View' (this gorgeous public park looks out across the entire city) or a game of  ‘Holiday Horse’."[/one_half]





5. Act like a 5 Year Old

If you are lucky enough to spend the holidays with your nephews and nieces, then take the opportunity to be a kid again. Skate board around the neighborhood with them. Go on an adventure walk. In fact make it a tradition of the annual ‘Holiday Hunt’ where you set up your own Santa Scavenger Hunt around the neighborhood. Nothing is more fun that being 5 again!

6. Compete with Others

Check Active.com for local road races in your area. In the SF Area, there is a Fun Run in Pleasanton around Christmas and a 5K/10K in Mountain View on New Years.

Hustling Where Your Christmas Bells May Freeze (Cold Climates)

1. Embrace the Cold

Take advantage of that amazing winter weather. Ice skating with family or maybe even some hockey. How close is the nearest ski resort or snow hill? Make a tradition of Christmas being about activity and drive to near by ski slopes with the entire family. Looking for the best rate on lift tickets

photo (4)

nationwide? Check out liftopia.com.

2. An Indoor Version of the DIAKADI Destination Workout

Again, this is perfect for some time to yourself or can be done easily with a group of all levels. Do the workout anywhere, in as small as a 7x7 space, no equipment necessary, no matter what your goals.

3. Group X It

Want to mix it up a bit with some Zumba, power yoga or maybe even a little hip hop class for your inner holiday B-Boy? Most cable providers offer a huge variety of free exercise videos On-Demand. Tune in to one of the hip hop classes for the entire family to try, then video Mi-Maw and Grandpa throwing down and you may have the viral vine you have been waiting for all year. Headed into the waste land of no cable? Download a few classes to your laptop, iPad or phone before heading home.

4. Dance It Out

If you have not discovered the game Dance Central for Xbox Kinect, check it out! I have to say that it is a heck of a fun time for solo home workouts, group dance offs at parties or just shaking your thing a bit before work in the morning. Just watch out for wearing out a section of your carpet with your bad ass moves. (Seriously, it will ruin your carpet! Invest in some break dance card board sections.)

[one_half]"Tune in to one of the hip hop classes for the entire family to try, then video Mi-Maw and Grandpa throwing down and you may have the viral vine you have been waiting for all year."[/one_half]






5. Compete Virtually with Others

While researching this piece, I ran into another incredibly cool option for people in any climate to challenge themselves with a group race event. US Road Running and US Road Cycling host Virtual Road Races, where participants can enter running or bike races from anywhere, completing the mileage on treadmills, indoor tracks, spin bikes, or bike home trainers. Each participant submits their own goal for their race. It could be a certain time or certain mileage. Then after the race you submit your times and mileage and even receive a medal if you meet your own goal. Super cool right? Check here for more info and to view their remaining events around Christmas and New Years.


DIAKADI’s The 12 Days of Fitmas: Welcoming the holidays and year’s end as a time for relaxation and celebration, The 12 Days of Fitmas will teach people to take the time to enjoy the fun of the season, while reflecting on the year and looking forward to the year ahead. The series tackles the biggest problems that many face: stress, holiday parties, eating well, preparing for the New Year, and more.

“The holidays tend to be one of the most challenging times of the year for our clients,” says Billy Polson. “The stress, over-booked schedules, party foods, alcohol and travel plans wreak havoc on their workouts and their bodies. The 12 Days of Fitmas are our effort to help people not only survive the holidays, but thrive throughout them.”

Through The 12 Days of Fitmas, DIAKADI will demonstrate the belief that fitness is about far more than dead lifts, burpees and the spin class. Rather, fitness and health encompass all aspects of one’s lifestyle including sleep schedules, stress levels, deep breaths, proper fuel for the body, and enjoying life every day. DIAKADI will use video to demonstrate topics like “Ultimate Destination Workout,” ensuring that whether one is at a beginning or an advanced level, they will learn proper form and technique for the perfect workout regardless of location. The principals discussed in the series will be applicable beyond the holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Originally published at Patch.com.

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