What activity makes you happier and leaves you feeling more balanced and fulfilled than anything else in the world? I am talking about something that makes you smile with contentment and actually energizes you, often for a few days following it. Ideally think about something that you can do near your own hometown so that you have the ability and chance to participate in this activity on a frequent basis.

For those of you who do not know the answer to the above question, then I would like you to set aside some time in the next week, day and year to find the answer. This is an important task for you to complete. Once you find it, then I want you begin doing the activity as often as possible. Also, keep an eye out for Day 12 of The 12 Days of Fitmas, for some introspective questions that just may help you find your glow!

Trainer and Owner: Billy Polson

For those of you that have your answer, we have now made your ideal plans for New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day.

For me, snowboarding is my thing. And luckily I live close to some of the best mountains in the US so that I can ride as often as possible during the winter. So you can trust me that I will be skipping out on the normal New Year’s Day hangover for some much needed therapy in the snowy trees at Northstar.

Set the tone for your 2014 right from the start. Why delay feeling your best.

  • Find out where your favorite DJ is playing on New Years and go shake your ‘thang’.
  • Reserve a spot with your favorite yoga instructor on New Year’s Day.
  • Hike along the beach giggling with your best friend.
  • Find your quiet place with a meditation seminar.
  • Break your 1RM record during a workout with your partner.
  • Melt into a spa day with a massage and pedicure.

2014 can be your year. You have the power to make that decision.

My advice... Set the bar from day number one.

Trainer: Maggie Harding




DIAKADI’s The 12 Days of Fitmas: Welcoming the holidays and year’s end as a time for relaxation and celebration, The 12 Days of Fitmas will teach people to take the time to enjoy the fun of the season, while reflecting on the year and looking forward to the year ahead. The series tackles the biggest problems that many face: stress, holiday parties, eating well, preparing for the New Year, and more.

“The holidays tend to be one of the most challenging times of the year for our clients,” says Billy Polson. “The stress, over-booked schedules, party foods, alcohol and travel plans wreak havoc on their workouts and their bodies. The 12 Days of Fitmas are our effort to help people not only survive the holidays, but thrive throughout them.”

Through The 12 Days of Fitness, DIAKADI will demonstrate the belief that fitness is about far more than dead lifts, burpees and the spin class. Rather, fitness and health encompass all aspects of one’s lifestyle including sleep schedules, stress levels, deep breaths, proper fuel for the body, and enjoying life every day. DIAKADI will use video to demonstrate topics like “Ultimate Destination Workout,” ensuring that whether one is at a beginning or an advanced level, they will learn proper form and technique for the perfect workout regardless of location. The principals discussed in the series will be applicable beyond the holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Originally published at Patch.com.

Day 1: The Most Wonderful Yet Stressful Time of Year: Managing Holiday Stress Day 2: The Holiday Hunger Games: Holiday Party Survival Tips Day 3: The 80/20 Rule: By Damn, Enjoy the Holidays Day 4: Healthy Holiday Recipes that Don’t Suck Day 5: Planes, Trains, and Drive-thrus: Smart Choices for Food on the Go Day 6: Travel Stretches to Make Coach Feel Like First Class Day 7: Grandma Got Run Over by the Holiday Cold: Staying Healthy for the Holidays Day 8: The DIAKADI Destination Workout: Anytime, Anywhere, No Equipment Necessary Day 9: Silent Night: How to Stay Rested Throughout the Holidays Day 10: The Holiday Hustle: Getting Off the Couch and Out of the House for the Big Day Day 11: Start the New Year Off with a Bang Not a Bust: Do What You Love this New Year’s Day 12: When the Clock Strikes Midnight: Successfully Setting and Reaching Your New Year’s Goals