At DIAKADI, the heart of our mission is that no workout should be generic, since no specific workout would be ideal, safe and efficient for everyone. So when we were asked to create the ultimate destination workout we knew that it had to adhere to the following 3 rules:

  1. The workout must be completely unreliant on equipment
  2.  Clients must be able to complete the workout in even the smallest of spaces (ie. A New York Hotel room)
  3. Above all, the form instruction for each exercise must be clear for clients, with clear progression and regression options so that people of all levels, backgrounds and goals would be able to adapt the exercise programs to match their individual needs

After thorough planning and design, our DIAKADI trainers have developed the ultimate DIAKADI Destination workout that can truly be done anywhere, with any amount of time, for clients of every level, no matter what their goals.

For beginners and intermediates, The Tune Up program is a complete list of basic movements which will wake up your muscles safely, bringing mobility to your joints and excellent blood flow to the entire body.

For advanced athletes, you can adapt The Athlete: Power/Speed Training with Strength Development program to keep you on track with your sport training and challenge your total body strength.


Each exercise comes linked to an informational video (links at the bottom of this post) which contains:

  • Difficulty levels 1-3 (1=Beginner, 2=Intermediate, 3=Advanced) for each exercise
  • Clear audio form explanations for every level with corresponding video examples

Below are links to each individual video. All videos are also available for viewing on your smart phone through the DIAKADI Youtube channel, so that you can watch the videos at the gym during your workout to immediately answer questions on form and proper exercise progressions.



Each of the 8 exercises have progressions from Level 1 to 3.

Level 1 exercises are designed for beginners, people who have not worked out before, or people with previous injuries, muscle imbalances, or joint issues.

Level 2 exercises are designed for intermediate clients with minimal posture issues and minor to no muscle imbalances.

Level 3 exercises are designed for advanced athletes with proper posture, muscle balance and experience doing exercises with a faster, more powerful pace.

NOTE: If at any time clients experience pain during an exercise, they should immediately stop the movement. If the pain dissipates, then try regressing the exercise to a lower Level. If the pain continues or it is not possible to complete even the lowest Level of an exercise without pain, I recommend eliminating this movement from your workout and seeing a qualified trainer or health practitioner to assist with assessing the problem.

To select your your level for each movement, I recommend going through each exercise one by one, to determine your starting level 1 to 3 for that particular movement.  Watch the entire exercise video in order to decide what your Starting Level is for each exercise. If you are unsure, start with Level 1 for that movement. If you are able to successfully complete Level 1 of an exercise, using perfect FORM as seen in the video, then try Level 2 for that same exercise. Upon successful completion of Level 2, then move on to trying the advanced Level 3.  At this point, make note which level you are able to maintain proper form while also being challenged by the movement. This is your Start Level for that exercise.


Now, using the goal options list below, select the goal for your workout and follow the instructions for exercise order, tempo, sets, and time under tension. Feel free to print the exercise summary photo sheet posted below to follow during your workout.


Have 10 minutes to spare? Select your goal and follow that program for just 1 set of each exercise for a quick 10 minute full body pump.


Whether you try the program once or use it over and over when traveling, our goal is that you learn something about your body, exercise progressions and tempos, and how to tweak your own gym programs to keep your body learning, growing and challenged.

Good luck!

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STRESS RELIEF:   Looking to clear your head, breathe deeper and increase blood flow to your body
THE TUNE UP: Full Body Muscle Wake Up for Mobility, Balance and Function
  • For a warm up, move through The DIAKADI Travel Stretch Program
  • Work through each of the 8 exercises, performing your appropriate ‘Start Level’ version of each movement for 60 seconds without rest
  • For dynamic movements (ie. Squats), perform the exercise with a tempo of 2 counts down, 2 counts up
  • Rest 30-60 seconds between each exercise.
  • Repeat the entire set of 8 exercises for 1 to 3 sets, depending on time and experience level.
THE ATHLETE: Power/Speed Training, Strength Development
  • For a warm up, move through The DIAKADI Travel Stretch Program
  • Work through each exercise ideally using the advanced, Level 3 version of each movement.
  • Perform each exercise full out for 20-30 seconds.
  • Focus on speed and power for each movement, aiming for a tempo of 1 count up, 1 count down.
  • Rest 60-90 seconds between each set.
  • Repeat each exercise for 3-5 sets before moving on to the next movement.

One Final Note: Continuously Work Towards the Next Progressions

As you continue to use this workout, ideally your original Start Level for each exercise will become easy. At this point, progress to the next Level for that exercise in order to continue to challenge your body safely.

Hip Bridge Exercise Progression


Trainer Shelby Jacquez


  1. Isometric Hold
  2. Dynamic
  3. Single Leg Hold/Dynamic (Advanced: Perform on Stability Ball)

Optional: Add weight when available, resting dumbbells, weight plate, med ball on hips

Down Dog to Dive Bombers Exercise Progression


Trainer Josh Christopher


  1.  Alternate downward dog and upward dog
  2. Downward dog shoulder pushups (Advanced: Raise feet off floor)
  3. Dive Bombers (Advanced: Can try Dive Bombers with feet on stability ball)

Squat Exercise Progression


Trainer Gina Gutierrez


  1. Squats to seat
  2. Squats with alternating single leg raise
  3. Squat jumps (Advanced: Single leg squats to seat to jumps)

Optional: Add weight when available, holding dumbbells at sides, hugging weight at chest, barbell on shoulders, or weight vest.

Pushup Exercise Progression


Trainer Mike Clausen


  1. Incline pushups with hands elevated
  2. Hands on floor (Advanced: Hold at low)
  3. Pop pushups (Advanced: Pop off hands and feet to Superman pushups)

Optional: Add weight when available: Add a weight vest

Lunge Exercise Progression


Trainer Gavin Birmingham


  1. Split squats with twist and side rocker lunges
  2. Alternate front and back lunges with alternate side lateral lunges
  3. Split jumps to power alt side lunges

Optional: Add weight when available: Hold dumbbells at sides, hug weights at chest, barbell on shoulders, weight vest.

Side Plank Exercise Progression


Trainer Ryan Allen


  1. Elbow side plank
  2. Side plank with dynamic hips (Advanced: Add twist)
  3. Side star dynamic to hold  (Advanced: Add leg swings front back)

Optional: Add weight when available: Hold single dumbbell at side of top hip, can also hold weight in extended arm above body.

TYT Exercise Progression


Trainer Ross Steiner


  1. Reverse Flys to Cobra Hold
  2. TYT to Cobra Hold
  3. No Rest TYT with leg lift to Cobra Hold

Optional: Add weight when available: Hold dumbbells in hands

Tricep Bench Dips Exercise Progression


Trainer Ross Steiner


  1.      Seated on edge of bench
  2.      Legs extended or single leg
  3.      Feet up on bench (Advanced: Single leg on bench)

Optional: Add weight when available: Place weight on legs in lap

DIAKADI’s The 12 Days of Fitmas: Welcoming the holidays and year’s end as a time for relaxation and celebration, The 12 Days of Fitmas will teach people to take the time to enjoy the fun of the season, while reflecting on the year and looking forward to the year ahead. The series tackles the biggest problems that many face: stress, holiday parties, eating well, preparing for the New Year, and more.

“The holidays tend to be one of the most challenging times of the year for our clients,” says Billy Polson. “The stress, over-booked schedules, party foods, alcohol and travel plans wreak havoc on their workouts and their bodies. The 12 Days of Fitmas are our effort to help people not only survive the holidays, but thrive throughout them.”

Through The 12 Days of Fitmas, DIAKADI will demonstrate the belief that fitness is about far more than dead lifts, burpees and the spin class. Rather, fitness and health encompass all aspects of one’s lifestyle including sleep schedules, stress levels, deep breaths, proper fuel for the body, and enjoying life every day. DIAKADI will use video to demonstrate topics like “Ultimate Destination Workout,” ensuring that whether one is at a beginning or an advanced level, they will learn proper form and technique for the perfect workout regardless of location. The principals discussed in the series will be applicable beyond the holiday season and throughout the New Year.

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