On October 10, 2010, Ashley McCumber walked into DIAKADI as a smoker (pack and a half a day) in a size 54 jacket and size 46 pants. He listed on his goal sheet that he wanted to "Change his life and be known as the 'Healthy Guy'." Today, he is not only a 'Healthy Guy,' but he is an athlete, walking around in a size 42 jacket and 31 pants, carrying over 90 pounds less with him! To get a true sense of this loss, go into the gym and pick up a couple of 45 lb plates or dumbbells and walk once around the gym with them. Trust me, it is not an easy thing. In this video, Billy Polson takes a couple of minutes out of Ashley McCumber's workout at DIAKADI and asks him to reveal the secret behind losing 90+ lbs and completely transforming his life over the period of 4 years at DIAKADI.

Check out the video below for details and use Ashley's list below as a reminder that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Congratulations, Ashley, and thank you for your trust and hard work.



Ashley McCumber's 5 Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss Success

1. Believe that you are worth it. Your happiness, comfort and health is far more important than the temporary sensations you get from bad food or smoking.

2. Accept Failure / Trust Success.  Accept the fact that what you are currently doing is not working. Make the decision to seek out expert help that you can trust to lead you towards your goals.

3. Break up with the old 'food you.' The way you are eating now must end forever, starting with new habits and new favorite foods.

4. Push harder on the bad days. When you wake up feeling sore, sad, beat down, tired, THOSE are the days that you get up and push the hardest. Trust me!

5. Live the journey. Milestones matter. Losing the weight or changing your life is not the final destination. Enjoy the trip along the way. Set and celebrate milestones. You are worth it.


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