Have you ever felt sluggish a few hours after your morning coffee wears off? Has excessive caffeine consumption ever affected your sleep? On the flip side, does caffeine help you kick more butt on those powerlifting and endurance days, or increase your focus during crunch time in the office? Around the world people consume enormous amounts of caffeine, about 12,000 tons per year as an estimate. It is an essential part of our culture here in SF and as much as we love it, it is always good to take a look at its effects and re-evaluate whether it is right for you! Given the information below about our beloved caffeine, this April we are issuing you a 30 Day Caffeine Free Purity Challenge! Whether or not you find coffee to be positive or negative force in your life, we challenge you to take a break, take a closer look inside the caffeine-free you, and reflect on your relationship with caffeine using an open mind and a clearer head. Untitled-1

Caffeine Tips:

Consuming a healthy dose of fat with a caffeinated beverage can reduce the toxicity level of the caffeine and inhibit overproduction of acid in your stomach. Try mixing your coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil or your traditional full fat dairy creamer.

Caffeine acutely alters the method in which your body metabolizes nutrients for energy. Caffeine effectively increases the bodies use of fats for energy, and thereby decreases it’s immediate use of carbohydrates. This is why mixing sugars with coffee can be a bit problematic when trying to lose excess fat. Instead, go for the stevia or no sugar at all.

Avoid coffee beans from conventional farms. Go organic with your coffee to reduce its level of toxicity in your body and promote organic earth-friendly practices.

Coffee beans are fast oxidizers. In order to keep toxicity levels down, it’s a good idea to grind your beans just before making your cup of coffee. Also, don’t allow your coffee to sit out in the pot for too long.

Did you know that Starbucks has made a stance against the labeling of GMO’s in Vermont? It never hurts to know who you are giving your money to, and to avoid conflicts of ethics.

It’s always important to moderate caffeine consumption. The bodies response to caffeine consumption is to produce adrenaline and cortisol. This is the same fight or flight stress response your body produces when in immediate danger. Too much caffeine over time can actually wear out the bodies response and cause adrenal fatigue. If your tolerance is through the roof, and you feel persistently low energy, it might be time to cut back on caffeine.


We asked some of the fitness professionals here at DIAKADI about their caffeine habits and here is what we found out:



How often do you use caffeine?

“I only drink coffee on the weekends as to not interfere with weekday sleep cycle.”

Do you use caffeine before your workout?

“No, just a good ole banana!” How does caffeine affect you?

“I tend to not sleep as well after drinking caffeine.”

What is your favorite caffeinated beverage?

“Almond milk Latte, or iced coffee.”

Where is your favorite place to get you caffeine kick in the city?

"Four Barrel"

Will you be taking the 30 Day Challenge?



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How often do you use caffeine? 

nnnn"Daily morning coffee."

Do you use caffeine before your workout? Why?

“I used to drink coffee before my workouts, but not anymore.”

How does caffeine affect you?

“Caffeine helps me wake up in the morning, and I enjoy the ritual, but If I drink too much it can alter my mood, In moderation it works well with me."

What is your favorite caffeinated beverage?

"Jacob's brew from Phill'z coffee."

Awesome side note:

Nate is the author of " The Truth About Carbs" and has done extensive research on the effects of caffeine on the diet.





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How often do you use caffeine? zz

“I try to not drink caffeine more than 4 days a week”

Do you use caffeine before your workout? Why?

“Yes, if I feel i need it”

How does caffeine affect you?

“If my adrenal glands respond in a healthy way, it’s a slight and pleasant stimulant, but if my consumption has been too high, and I enter a state of adrenal fatigue, it can make me tired and jittery”

What is your favorite caffeinated beverage?

“Yerba Matte”

Where is your favorite place to get you caffeine kick in the city?

“Four Barrel”




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How often do you use caffeine? 1403121_10100230203432754_8705357377879861126_o_edited-1

"I used to be quite the coffee addict. I loved the high and up feeling associated with it, but I no longer drink coffee." 


"The amount that I was drinking was dramatically altering my mood, and causing a strong physical dependence. Now that I am coffee free I feel more balanced, focused, and in touch with my natural energy levels. Everyone's experiences are different, but I learned that coffee just doesn't work well with my body or mind."

What is your go-to drink of choice now that you are coffee free?

"I enjoy green tea and chai, my favorite spot in the city is Samovar."



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