The DIAKADI Difference program was developed by the inspiration and organization of trainer, Polina Smith. "Inspired by my experience, I reached out to Billy and Gina to see if they would be open to creating DIAKADI Difference , where trainers could offer their services to people who wanted to make a big change in their health and fitness routines, but couldn’t due to financial constraints or difficult life circumstances. Met with an enthusiastic “yes,” the three of us set out to design the DIAKADI Difference Program, which allows a participant to work with trainers once to twice a week for three months, focusing on fitness, diet, and lifestyle choices.

We have two trainers, Jon De La Torre and Elaine Williams, who are kicking ass with clients Kathy, a mother of three, and Nicole, a mother of five. 

We are so grateful to Jon and Elaine for committing their time, energy, and resources to this program and to Kathy and Nicole for showing up with so much enthusiasm, readiness, and dedication. Step by step, person by person, my hope is that the DIAKADI Difference Program can help improve the lives of those who are ready to make a change in their health, regardless of their life circumstances."


DIAKADI is a proud sponsor of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Together, as a community, our trainers and team leaders donate their time and services to provide relief, boost strength, and ignite motivation in those battling with Cystic Fibrosis. We happily provide this same program to the parents of children with CF.