The DIAKADI Difference program celebrates giving back to the community in a variety of ways with the wide range of DIAKADI's independent trainers. The goal of this program is to inspire trainers and clients alike to make their mark in the community around us in whatever way speaks directly to them. See what has spoken to our trainers below and we hope that you will join us in getting involved!


We are happy and honored to have begun working alongside Alan Li, founder of Trainers Coalition - a San Francisco based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization spearheading the lack of fitness resources available to low income groups. They are a group of fitness fanatics composed of trainers, nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals, committed to bringing fitness into the lives of all persons.

Trainers Coalition stand behind the idea that the knowledge and coaching necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle is a basic right to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Their staff and volunteers actualize this belief by offering free one-on-one personal training, gym access, and nutritional counseling to eligible clients referred to us by partnered free medical and mental clinics. Feel free to chat with some of our own trainers that are part of the Coalition.

On Saturday, January 26th, 2019, at DIAKADI, they hosted Winter 'Workout'land - an afternoon fitness fair designed to help participants kickstart their New Years Resolution.

They hope to communicate that the gym isn't about being the "tough guy". It's about finding health in our bodies AND our minds. All proceeds from the event went toward providing gym access and training to the low income community.

Adopt A Street Program.

Adopt a Street.jpg

DIAKADI is proud to say that we, and local neighbor tenants, Hennessey ArchitectJustin Hess, & Lifted Health & Wellness have joined forces to clean up our surrounding San Francisco streets through the 'Adopt a Street' Program.

In this program, San Francisco's Public Works' joins with neighborhoods and local businesses to assist with sweeping and picking up streets throughout the city. As a business or individual, you are provided with a process, equipment, and assistance to adopt your own street.

Check out the link below to see how you can help in your area!

outreach program.

Polina Smith, a DIAKADI Trainer, started the DIAKADI Outreach Training Program through her experiences and passion to help others. She has been working with the Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women/HIV Circle shortly after she moved to San Francisco in 2008. Her involvement allowed her to create theater with women who were living with HIV to help release the stigma around the virus. While working there, she met Cassandra Steptoe, a survivor of sexual abuse, addiction, incarceration, and HIV.

JDLT diff.jpg
elaine diff.jpg

When Cassandra mentioned that she was struggling with her weight two years ago, Polina invited her to come train with her at the gym for free. What emerged was a two-year training period where Cassandra not only lost 20 lbs, but also learned to love exercise and had more energy for her granddaughter (who sometimes joined them for sessions!).

DIAKADI Trainers, Jon De La Torre & Elaine Williams joined Polina in Outreach Training and have donated their time and energy towards working with individuals in SF that wanted to make a big change in their health and fitness routines, but couldn’t due to financial constraints or difficult life circumstances. The DIAKADI Difference program allows an individual to work with these trainers once to twice a week for three months, focusing on fitness, diet, and lifestyle choices.

cystic fibrosis foundation.

Liz DIAKADI trainer cystic fibrosis.jpeg

DIAKADI is a proud sponsor of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. DIAKADI Trainer, Liz Letchford is one of our trainers and team leaders who donates her time and services to provide relief, boost strength, and ignite motivation in those battling with Cystic Fibrosis. We happily provide this same program to the parents of children with CF.


muttville Muttsercize.

DIAKADI is thrilled to now be partners with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in order to incorporate exercise into this amazing foster home for senior dogs.


Muttville is an incredibly special nonprofit organization and a little sanctuary for senior and special needs dogs over the age of 7, that have lost their homes and are looking for a family to adopt them. During their time here, volunteers can have a tremendous impact in each dog's life by doing something as simple as spending time with them or taking them on a walk around the block. 

As a way of raising awareness for the senior dogs at Muttville, DIAKADI trainers will be leading the Muttville volunteers and mutts in a fun 30 minute dog-inspired exercise classes as a thank you for their efforts with the senior pups. These workout events include exercises like dog weighted squats, 'Puppy Presses', and of course the dreaded 'Puppy Planks'. Afterward, volunteers and trainers spend some time pampering the dogs by walking and bathing them.


Dyer Kelly Elementary School, Sacramento

Dyer Kelly Elementary School, Sacramento

DIAKADI Trainer and DS+P Small Group Class Instructor, Paul Wright, is volunteering his time to speak with the young kids at Dyer Kelly Elementary School in Sacramento about his Jamaican roots, his personal experience through school and sport, his current life and career, New Years resolutions, and favorite subjects in school. He's providing a positive message with conversation and exercise, throwing in fun movement activities in their sessions with Paul.

With the urge to inspire the youth, Wright says,
"My goal of these visits is to leave them with an inspiring FEELING to be as much as themselves as they can be and know that the world is completely THEIRS."

commit to fit.

DIAKADI's Commit to Fit (2009 - 2014) is an obesity scholarship program awarded each year to one deserving obese resident of the San Francisco Bay Area with the desire to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Each recipient receives a nutrition plan and fitness training program to help them focus on reconnecting with their body through exercise, monitoring of their sleep and stress, the identification of eating strategies and establishing clear and attainable goals.

Our previous Commit to Fit winners have lost up to 180 lbs over the course of their program!