Things do not change. We change.
— Henry David Thoreau

Elaine, the founder of EMWfitness, is a holistic lifestyle coach & consciousness hacker. Known as the fitness reformist, Elaine guides you, every step of the way, through physical transformation that not only gives you a stronger body, you’ll have a stronger life. 

Elaine is passionate and deeply present with each client, encouraging the best conditions for you to thrive from the inside-out.  She is also no stranger to pain, and found holistic exercise, nutrition & lifestyle education to avoid back surgery, eliminate chronic back pain, and regain functional fitness. 

Elaine uses a simple, proven four-step success system for sustainable, fitness transformation called, “VIBE”. It stands for, Vision, Inspire, Build, Execute. You’ll get the most customized, simple, and effective system for reaching your fitness goals. 

Elaine has helped many adults with chronic pain, aversion to exercise, addiction & chronic stress to become aware of the underpinnings of the dis-ease or dysfunction thereby reclaiming their power and purpose to overcome struggle. Her passion is to inspire and guide lasting change in one’s fitness lifestyle & overall well-being.


  • Certified Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, Level 3 CHEK Institute
  • Transformational Life Coach, Elite Coaching University
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) certified
  • Licensed Practitioner (RScP) United Centers for Spiritual Living
  • Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK) Practitioner, Level 2
  • MA, Sport Management, University of San Francisco


Elaine is an outstanding master of her coaching craft. She is incredibly bright and passionate with a deep knowledge of mind and body fitness. Through consistent positive feedback, encouragement and care, she has retrained my mental outlook while retraining my body. Elaine embodies change and has been able to help me with exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to get off my blood pressure meds. Each coaching session is challenging and tailored to how I am feeling physically or mentally on that day. Elaine’s approach is holistic and equal parts physical trainer, motivational speaker and life coach. Working out under the expert and inspirational instruction of Coach Elaine is the single most beneficial thing I do for myself & I cherish our sessions together.
— Carl, Founder & President of Retail Fashion Store
I’ve had 2 trainers in the past and I had no idea what I was missing out on until I met Coach Elaine. She’s patient, focused, and genuinely invested in helping you reach your fitness goals. She gives you 100% of her attention during your session, and she’ll send you tips and reminders to stay motivated.
The most important take away is the education. Elaine taught me it’s not just about “doing” exercise. It’s about understanding it and how it affects your muscles. I am so much more aware of how my body works, and now I extend what I’ve learned into my everyday life, e.g. take advantage of walking up hills or stairs, being conscious about keeping good posture, etc.
Elaine has great energy and is SUPER passionate about her job & helping you reach your fitness goals. I highly recommend Elaine!!
— Emily, Marketing & Advertising Professional
My name is RJ Jarrett and I’ve played basketball for 16 years of my life. I met Coach Elaine while I was training to return to play basketball professionally overseas and needed to address back pain and flexiblity issues. While I have been fortunate to have many trainers and medical evaluations over my career, who look out for my physical well-being during competition seasons, no one has addressed my physical needs with the comprehensive level of awareness that Elaine does. She provided me with a detailed wellness questionnaire that provided valuable insight and gave me a visual report, which was very helpful to me. Most of the time I received an injury it was clear what caused it, but in rare cases when the cause of the pain isn’t surface deep, relaying that information can be difficult at times. The questionnaire that Elaine provided me, combined with a 1 hour phone consultation, really helped me get clear on where the root cause of my pain was coming from. And, in a short time, I was on the same page with Elaine to create a proper plan of care for my individual needs. I would recommend her coaching & training plan to anyone, at any level of fitness.
— RJ, Professional Basketball player