• Lean Muscle Gain + Fat Loss Programs

  • Strength Training for Functional Movement

  • Sport Specific Training: Surfing, Skiing + Running

  • Mobility + Flexibility Development

  • Eating Behavior Modification


Just Do It.
— Nike

Elena is a lifelong athlete with passion for outdoors and sports, such as surfing, snowboarding, yoga and gymnastics. She believes that regular exercise is meant to improve your life, make movement enjoyable and make you feel strong and confident. Gym is a classroom, where one can learn discipline and get expert help to achieve any goals.

Coming from a sports background, Elena derives her knowledge from years in ballet, track, skiing and gymnastics, when training her athletes. In recent years Elena has been extensively working with clients with restricted joint mobility due to injury or sedentary lifestyle, expanding her mobility coaching expertise. Elena has a clear understanding of the profound effects of her clients’ lifestyles, struggles and nutritional habits, and makes it sustainable to adhere to new healthy and strategic dietary choices.

Whether you are working around the clock or have to juggle work/family balance, Elena believes the best way to stay motivated and avoid burn out with training is to listen to and respect your body, gradually increase workload, vary your routine and, most importantly, enjoy your fitness journey.


  • American College of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • US Career Institute | Fitness Trainer + Nutritional Specialist

  • Functional Movement Screen| Level 1

  • The Starrett System | Movement & Mobility 101 certified.

  • Power Monkey Fitness | Monkey Method Intensive Course


Elena has been my personal trainer for almost four years. We had a great connection from the get go, I enjoyed her approachable personality and professionalism. One thing I know about Elena, she is passionate about fitness and health, she is my motivator and a source of self-development. She never stops learning and sharing her knowledge with me. I’ve stayed accountable to my goals through the years, and ready to reach new levels of fitness with my ‘Devil in Nike’.
— Krista
Elena is an amazing trainer. Whichever movement or exercise she asks you to perform, she makes sure you’re performing it correctly, so you get the most out of it, and you don’t hurt yourself in the process. She’ll push you to work hard and achieve great results. Also, unlike any other trainers I’ve worked with in the past, Elena provides customized additional workouts for her clients to do on their own, complete with Youtube links, supplementing your in-person sessions. Besides all this, she’s s great person and fun to work with.
— Ernie F
Starting out I wanted to lose some weight, gain a little muscle and improve my balance. I can now say I have a stronger core, have my weight and muscle / fat ratio in check, range of motion I have not experienced for many years. To my surprise, working with Elena for 2.5 years, wasn’t just ‘working out’, I realized quite quickly that I was gaining an education. With time and confidence I have started to appreciate how my body works and performs, reevaluated my relationship with food and how these elements come together to increase my physical and mental wellbeing. If you are in the ‘’thinking about it’’ phase my advice to you would be ‘get involved!
— Chris H