• Functional Strength Training

  • Corrective Posture + Form, Core Activation

  • Mind-Body Awareness, Coordination & Control

  • Behavioral Change and Support

  • Cardiovascular Training for Endurance, Agility, & Weight Loss


Fitness aficionado Emma Manion is a dance educator, personal trainer, and performance artist who hails from the green mountains of Vermont.   Since moving to San Francisco in 2006, she's trained, taught, created and collaborated with a number of establishments and professionals throughout the Bay Area.  Emma holds her B.A. in Dance and Humanities from Bennington College and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer.  She's had a lifelong fascination with the human body's composition, capabilities, and direct link to our quality of life!  In her classes and with solo clients, she illustrates the joy in moving powerfully with intention and a mechanical awareness.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • Bennington College | Bachelors of Arts in Dance and Humanities


Emma seems like an old pro.. she has a very sophisticated knowledge of anatomy, especial things like my IT bands and obscure muscles around my hip (I have a lot of lower back issues related to a past hip replacement). She’s very savvy, prepared & has shown me effective ways to exercise with the right balance of pushing and listening. I live in NY half the time so the important thing is that I have an exercise plan designed by Emma that I am confident about. She makes it clear the plan is only as good as the energy and time invested in it .. now I travel with my foam roller haha. Other trainers I’ve tried seem to be just going though the motions, whereas Emma is always enthusiastic and digs in.
Thank you so much for such incredible workouts! It’s always good to feel a burn the next day. Really appreciate your style, techniques and your “bedside” manner so to speak. Very calming and motivating at the same time.
I love Emma’s energy, she’s so fun and brings awesome alternatives if you dread the monotony of gym routines. I’ve never left a workout not smiling.”