To achieve ultimate success in the fitness industry, it is essential that individuals master the business, as well as the health and exercise aspects of the job.
DIAKADI's Performance + Business Internship is a ‘Build Your Own’ Curriculum program for certified trainers* which focuses on developing the concepts of fitness performance training while mastering the key elements and systems necessary for being a successful entrepreneur and small business owner.

Through weekly meetings with your Fitness + Business Coach, you will work through a 12 week syllabus of your custom designed curriculum built to meet your needs. 





Improve Fitness Programming Skills

Client Forms: Intake, Program Tracking, Results Reports

Assessment + Program Design

Development of Business Basics

Fitness Practice Foundations (Mission, Vision, Philosophy, Niche, Differentiation)

Marketing 101 (Website Design and Analytics, Social Media, Newsletters, Yelp, Thumbtack)

Accounting (Tracking, Handling Payments, Taxes, Accountant Strategy)



Through a weekly commitment of 9 hours, interns work one on one with management and side by side with our Business Assistants on projects ranging from marketing campaigns and differentiation, to financials and new business development. Individuals will also have access to 80+ of San Francisco’s most advanced level Independent Personal Trainers for additional inspiration and creative direction. At the completion of your Phase I Foundation Training, all interns will be assessed during a final examination which includes a sample new client intake, assessment and program design.

Practical Application | 4 - 12 week PROGRAM




Increase confidence level for programming and handling your own business

Trainers put into practice what they learned in Phase I with actual clients

Helping trainers work towards self-sufficiency in their independent practice







Through a combination of weekly meetings and shadow sessions, trainers will receive direct guidance and assistance on programming, cueing, and business development from an experienced mentor trainer and coach.