• Developmental Movement
  • TRX
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Weight Management
  • Sports Specific
  • Assessment + Program Design


Jake’s career path in wellness began at a very young age; he spent much of his free time enjoying the outdoors hiking, backpacking, and participating in youth athletics.  He quickly developed an appreciation for movement.

After years of playing competitive soccer, Jake shifted his focus to general fitness. Studying philosophy and movement at the University of California Santa Cruz offered him a greater understanding of the mind body connection.  This relationship informs the process Jake takes with each client or group.  His caring and individualized approach not only helps achieve short-term goals, but also has a positive impact on lifestyle and balance.

A thorough intake process and a consistent assessment protocol helps to inform the dialogue between Jake and everyone he works with.  Jake is compelled to understand what is necessary for the success of each of his clients and is on a constant quest for exciting developments in the health and wellness industry.  His thirst for knowledge and experimentation is infectious and often reignites the inquisitive nature each of us had when we first began to move.

Jake is a founding partner in Syntropy Fitness a lifestyle and well-being company and Syntropy Ventures a project in pursuit of solutions to large-scale wellness and healthcare problems.  Jake believes his role, as a movement specialist is an integral part of the process on the path to wellness.  For the many other modalities in wellness and health, he relies on the support of Syntropy. You can be assured you will receive the quality and attention you are seeking for any health related goal with this group of professionals who take a vested interest in revolutionizing individual and group health.


Jake is a very versatile trainer - he can workout anywhere...the workouts are more dynamic and often more natural bodyweight exercises. Lots of planks and squats and lunges and medicine balls and farmer’s walks and rows on the TRX. This probably wouldn’t be the same for everyone, since he’s very conscious of the individual, so don’t be scared off if you don’t want to let go of your bench presses or bicep curls. He’s also great at rehab stuff for people with injuries, disabilities, and misalignments.
— Ryan