• Sport Specific Speed, Strength + Conditioning

  • Injury Prevention + Post Rehabilitation

  • Body Composition Transformation

  • Mobility + Flexibility Development

  • Nutritional + Lifestyle Coaching


Live to perform.

Passion for Peak Human Performance is what drives Jan Milano to wake up every single morning. With the combination of scientifically proven principles and proper coaching, Jan has successfully influenced many lives through a successful training program and mindset shifting. As the owner and founder of Milano Human Performance, Jan uses his business to strive upon leaving his greatest legacy in this world, his passion for human performance.

Milano Human Performance has been successful on guiding each and every client’s goal through the combination of 5 important pillars:  movement training, nutrition, mindset, regeneration, and environment. With the pillars all seamlessly integrated together working in harmony, a vibrant and passionate life is achieved every single day.

Coach Jan Milano is a proud graduate of San Francisco State University under the Kinesiology program, focusing on exercise physiology (2011). He spent his college years being involved in the anatomy lab on campus and also with several research studies on biomechanics. Before graduating college, he had already spent 2 years as an in-patient and out-patient physical therapist aid, 1 year as a secondary athletic trainer, and 2 years as a collegiate speed strength and conditioning coach. Jan was fortunate to have had experience coaching some remarkable collegiate sports teams such as City College of San Francisco (Football) and Stanford University (Men's Basketball, Women's Soccer/Lacrosse, Men's Water Polo).

At a very young age, Coach Milano was able to obtain major certifications including Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM), and Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM).

As a competitor, he competed nationally in tennis and ballroom dancing before moving to United States in 2004. He had also excelled in basketball in his younger years as he was taller than most kids growing up in the Philippines. When he stopped competing nationally and had started the college life, he gained at least 100 lbs in less than 2 years, peaking at 260 lbs. With the epiphany that his life and body is going down the wrong path while studying fitness, he made a bold move and took action of his own health. In less than a year of calculated programming, Jan Milano had lost 80 lbs and had gained an endless passion for life and fitness.


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association | Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • USA Weightlifting | Sports Performance Coach L1 Certified

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • American College of Sports Medicine | Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • American College of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • Functional Movement Screening | Level 1

  • TRX Certified

  • CPR/AED Certified

  • San Francisco State University | Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology - Exercise & Movement Science & Physiology of Fitness and Health Focus


Jan is a totally different kind of coach. His methodology helps you progress in all areas of your fitness (strength, agility, speed, etc), and your overall athleticism, energy, performance improves as you go in ways you can see and feel every day. He’s very empathetic and he watches you like a hawk when you workout, so he’s constantly making adjustments based on your performance that day/week, your head space, etc.
— Katherine
He strategically plans his sessions with individualized fitness goals so each session is precisely tailored for the right killer workout. As a Division I NCAA athlete I have worked with a bunch of trainers. Jan is definitely the best trainer I have ever worked with. You will appreciate Jan’s expertise and high standards as a stickler for perfect form and spends a lot of time getting you properly prepared for every workout session.
— Evan
Jan trained me for my first marathon. I finished in excellent time with no injuries and a a much greater appreciation for my body. He won’t let you slack but he understands the demands of life outside the gym. I loved his energy in the gym and the fact that he cares about your long-term and overall health, not just quick results. He can also change it up plenty - I learned some boxing, some olympic weightlifting, some sprinting, some endurance... he knows so many fun things to try out. You will not get bored.
— Selena
Jan is the best, simple as that. I had gained a significant amount of weight after college and was having trouble finding balance, stability, and routine in my life. Jan helped me not only lose the extra weight I was carrying, but also helped me gain back my self-confidence.
— Jourdan