• Sports Specific Speed, Strength +Conditioning

  • Individualized Endurance Training (Triathlon, Ultra Marathons, Cycling)

  • Muscle Gain, Strength + Fat Loss Programs

  • Weight Loss + Body Composition Transformation

  • Licensed Nutrition Coaching


Josh has been working as a personal trainer since 2003 both in large and privately owned gyms.  He has been active in sports his entire life and is nationally certified through the National Council of Strength and Fitness.  He holds a level 3 USA cycling certification plus WFA and CPR certified.  He completed his B.S. in Dietetics in 2005, which covers all aspects of nutrition, including specialized areas such as diabetes, pregnancy, sports performance, body image, weight loss, weight gain, and eating disorders. Josh Moberg also currently holds a level 1 Holistic Life Coach certification, as well as FMS Level 1 and 2 credentials.
Josh is currently an assistant coach at Berkeley High School for the Mountain Bike Team.  He competes competitively as an expert level DH bike racer and expert level cross XC mountain bike racer.  
Josh has always been very active and he understands what it takes to achieve a healthy balance between work, nutrition, exercise, and personal time.  He is keenly aware that nutrition is the primary key to weight management, sports performance, and body composition, and hand-in-hand with nutrition is the right exercise program.  He designs programs that best fit clients’ needs and time, and provides the experience, education, and one-on-one support to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. 


  • National Council on Strength and Fitness | Certified

  • Holistic Life Coach | Level 1

  • Functional Movement Screen | Level 1 + 2 certified

  • Bachelors of Science | Dietetics


If you want a trainer to work you hard and effectively Josh Moberg is for you. I’m 59 years old and started working with Josh about 15 months ago. I’ve been active all my life and thought I was quite fit, but realized I was stuck doing the same routine which was no longer holding me at a steady weight. My primary motivation for seeking a trainer, however, was because I noticed my balance was deteriorating.

I can now report that after diligently working out with Josh twice a week plus “homework” my balance is a lot better, I’m stronger than I’ve been since a teenager, and now weigh less than when I graduated high school where I played 3 sports.

I was initially reluctant to work with a trainer since I’m not the type of person who takes direction easily. I also get bored easily and thought I’d find the same routine too tedious. While Josh is not exactly entertaining he really knows how to design different workouts so even though you’re working the same muscles you’re using different apparatus and sometimes just gravity.

Just yesterday I completed 3 pull ups which is a personal best- ever. I can’t recommend Josh
more highly.
— Leslie
Almost 2 1/2 years ago I decided to get back into competitive Masters Swimming after a nearly 5 year break from training. After turning 50, I was motivated to get back into the sport that I always loved. After 6 months of being back in the water training, I realized I needed to add more to my regiment to get back to a level that I desired from a competitive standpoint. I decided to return to Diakadi to work with a personal trainer. Since August of 2012, I have been supplementing my swimming training by working with my personal trainer, Josh Moberg.

Since then, my level of fitness has not only gotten back to where I thought it could be, but actually beyond. Now at 53, I’m ranked back in the top 10 in the nation in multiple events in the 50 - 54 age group. Josh understands the intricate nature of endurance sports and swimming and what exercises appropriately compliment my training. He is a stickler for form, an advocate of healthy eating habits, and conscientious of the importance of rest and recovery in the training cycle. If I identify a pain or problem area, Josh is always good to focus on how to resolve the issue efficiently and effectively.

Josh is focused , yet fun to work with as well. He knows I enjoy keeping things light and in perspective, but have a high expectation for results as well. Overall, he is ideal to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a trainer that can help you achieve all your fitness goals.
— Paul