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  • Body Positive Fitness

    • Improving Body Image & Building Body Confidence

  • Beginner to Intermediate Functional Strength Training

    • Sports Specific Programming

    • Injury Prevention & Corrective Exercise

  • "Make Peace with Your Plate" - Intuitive Eating

    • Emotional, Stress & Binge Eating

    • Improve Relationship with Food

    • Tune into Hunger & Fullness Queues

  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness


Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.
— Eckhart Tolle

Kate is a body positive personal trainer helping women fall in love with their bodies through strength training and eating psychology coaching. She is ACE certified and uses a mixture of barbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight exercises to create safe and effective programs for her clients. In addition to fitness, she is a certified Eating Psychology Coach helping women go from yo-yo dieting to making peace with their plates through one-on-one and group coaching.

Before training in San Francisco, Kate was working as a trainer and group fitness instructor in Thailand and Cambodia. It was her experience there, coupled with her own previous struggles with an eating disorder, that led her to shift her focus towards healing her client's body image struggles from the inside out.

Kate believes that fitness is for everyone regardless of a person’s body shape or size. She is passionate about helping her clients create a life they are obsessed with instead of obsessing over their food and bodies.


  • ACE Personal Trainer

  • Eating Psychology Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating)

  • Kettlebell Coach Level 1 (KET Academy)

  • Program Design Level 1 (KILO - February 2019)

  • Pre/Post-Natal Fitness (FIT Thailand)

  • 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Medicine)

  • Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training (Core Power)


I wish I had found Kate earlier! I was looking for a trainer who embraced body positivity and health at every size. I’ve struggled with disordered eating and toxic diet culture my whole life and wanted the support of someone who could empathize, but also push me to go the distance. After working with Kate for a couple months, I feel stronger, more confident and my lower back pain has significantly diminished. Training with Kate and not being afraid to move my body is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
— Martina
I had never had a trainer before but I knew instantly that I would be safe and supported by Kate. She completely transformed my relationship with exercise, food, and myself. Both my body and my mind became stronger, which presented itself inside and outside the gym. I developed skills that enabled me to become more in touch with my body by listening to its signals and by practicing self-love.
— Julia
Kate is thoughtful and kind, and it was refreshing to have a coach that was so body positive. No talk of “bikini bodies” or crazy diets. I hadn’t been in a gym in a few years when we started, and we talked very honestly about my goals and limitations. She created a program for me that was challenging, and she was able to adapt it to my needs and abilities. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Caitlin