• Pilates
  • Flexibility
  • Rehabilitation
  • People with chronic illnesses  


Michelle Wallace completed her classical pilates certification in New York City while interning in the Athletic Training Department at Hunter College. She has both a dance and athletic background and came to pilates after sustaining several debilitating injuries. She fell in love with pilates for the quality of movement that the method demands and for its effectiveness at helping her to heal.

Michelle has been teaching pilates since 2004. Since then, she has trained professional dancers and competitive athletes (the UCB Women's Rugby Team, several tri-athletes, ice skaters, runners and swimmers). As well, she has learned to use the method rehabilitatively, especially to stabilize joint injuries. She has experience working with pre- and post-natal women, as well as with chronic illnesses--polio, cancer, lyme and fibromyalgia. While living in Costa Rica, she assisted with the teacher trainer certification at OmPrem Studio. She has also written for Pilates Style Magazine.

Michelle takes her students through dynamic workouts by setting a rhythm for each exercise and then keeping her students moving one exercise to the next. She weaves in cues and corrections to keep her students performing with precision. She loves teaching and seeing pilates effect the positive changes of strength, flexibility and awareness in her students.

After teaching pilates in a rehab setting for many years, Michelle is aware of both the abilities and limits of pilates training and has begun to expand her scope of practice. She completed the Master level of her Reiki certification and has begun her personal training certification in order to have a broader range of offerings for her students. She decided to pursue Reiki after experiencing the profoundly beneficial effects of Reiki on her physical and emotional health. Through her journey with Reiki, Michelle has begun to better understand where and how mental, emotional and physical health intersect. Michelle also decided to return to personal training as an adjunct to teaching pilates in order to gain another perspective on moving and training, to return to a learning setting and to expand the types and ranges of workouts she gives.

Michelle is finishing up her MFA in Creative Writing at Mills College and curates the monthly reading series, The Kaleidoscope Reading Series, in San Francisco.