• Weight Reduction/Fat Loss
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Maximum Muscular Development
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Program Development
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Crossfit Coaching
  • Olympic Lifting


Michael, owner of Chimera Sport, has been one of SF’s top trainers since moving from NY in 1999.  His extensive background is a product of his commitment to improving both himself and the performance of his clientele. Michael believes that every individual is unique and his ability to draw from diverse disciplines is why he is able to provide a training experience far above any other.

In addition to earning some of the industries most recognized Certifications, Michael has had the opportunity to work with a member of the French National Windsurf Team, champion cross-fitters and world-renowned specialists. He grew up playing competitive Tennis, competing in Muay Thai kickboxing, running, snowboarding, in-line skating, surfing and windsurfing. These days, when not in the gym, Michael can be found kiteboarding or surfing, and has also been known to enter the occasional triathalon.

Michael has had the opportunity to work with everyone from collegiate athletes to weekend warriors to those battling cancer. Michael’s belief in his clients is contagious. He expects the best out of everyone he works with and will, undoubtedly, have you doing things you never thought possible. To train with Michael is to make a commitment to yourself of being better than you ever thought you could be.


  • B.S. from SF State
  • Crossfit Level 1 + Coach’s Prep
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine C.P.T
  • N.A.S.M. Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • N.A.S.M. Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Kettlebell Training under Steve Cotter
  • WAC Academy: Training Cancer Patients and Survivors