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1. Research your own experience.
2. Absorb what is useful.
3. Reject what is useless.
4. Add what is specifically your own.
— Bruce Lee

Nate has run a successful private training and consulting practice for over 15 years. He has worked with a wide range of clientele ranging from professional athletes, models, and physique competitors to beginners and busy professionals looking to improve their health and fitness levels.

Nate is a 4x Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author (The Truth About Carbs, The Truth About Weight Loss, The 6-Pack Checklist, Rise Above). His work has appeared in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, LIVESTRONG,, and T-Nation. He was named one of The 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness (Greatist), and one of The Hottest 50 Trainers in America (Shape). 

Nate is passionate about fitness research and education. Through various research journals he stays on top of the latest data, and he has been a speaker at fitness conferences and corporate wellness programs including Paleo f(x), Body 2.0, Zynga,, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Hanson Bridgett LLP. 

On the practical application side of the physique game, Nate is a 2x natural bodybuilding champion and has worked as a model and representative for several fitness brands. 

Of course all of this is really meaningless to you. You just want to know how Nate can help YOU reach YOUR fitness goals. 

Well, Nate’s rare combination of formal education, practical experience, and no B.S.-style will help you filter through the fluff, hack away the unessential, and get down to what works in the real world. He designs targeted training and nutrition programs tailored specifically to your experience level, situation, and goals. 
His mission is to help you reach your goals in the most effective, efficient, and sustainable ways possible. 

Nate takes a “two teammates getting after it” approach to fitness. If you are truly dedicated and committed to achieving your goals, and can put up with some bad jokes, he looks forward to hanging and training with you soon.

NOTE: Nate wrote this bio in the third person in hopes that it would convince you that someone else was compelled to tell his glorious tale.


  • American Council on Exercise | Certified Personal Trainer

  • International Sports Science Association | Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition

  • International Sports Science Association | Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

  • American Council on Exercise | Functional Training & Corrective Exercise Specialty Certification

  • The Janda System of Evaluation and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance Certification

  • National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association | Sport Yoga Instructor

  • 2009 Musclemania America & World Natural Bodybuilding Championships — 1st Place, Bantamweight Division

  • 2004 NPC Max Muscle Natural Bodybuilding Championships — 1st place, Lightweight Division

  • Former Professional Wrestler and Stunt/Acrobatics Instructor with All Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Iron

  • ZONA Fitness Academy: Functional Anatomy Specialist | Level 1


1. Apply the Principle of Specificity to maximize efficiency.

For the most efficient results, you need to match the details of your program to your main training goal. Although I don’t have a lot of skills in this world, this is one that I believe I am very good at, and that I can help you integrate into your training/nutrition program. Upon completion of a thorough assessment process, we can design targeted strategies based off of research and real world practical experience in order to give you the best shot at success.

2. Take an Essentialist approach to the process.

After that, it’s all about execution. We’ll streamline the process down to the highest-level steps that produce 90% of the results; hack away the unessential and irrelevant, automate consistent action by instilling good habits; and then test, assess, refine, and customize your plan based on individual progress and feedback.

This 1-2 punch has been so helpful in my fitness career, both as an athlete and as a coach, that it has positively permeated out into other areas of my life – business goals, personal finances, lifestyle philosophy, etc. I hope it does the same for you. And yes, realizing it is a bit too boring, nerdy, and strategic; I try to offset it with the occasional carefree bourbon blitz, and lots of childish humor.
— Nate Miyaki


After 3 months following one of Nate’s nutrition plans I have shed a significant amount of body fat. I have to say, I have never looked better, and more importantly, felt better and more alert and energetic in my life. The most important part is how easy the plan was to integrate into my hectic schedule — long hours, business travel, etc. Nate understands how athletes work and think, as well as the thought processes of the highly Type A professional. I cannot recommend Nate’s book enough. He is superb.
— Joan
As a physician who has undergone the rigors of medical training, I know what it means to endure and be consistent. But after years of trying various fitness programs, including professional training, I was not satisfied with the results. When I started training with Nate Miyaki, I realized that persistence is not enough. I needed the RIGHT kind of focus and nutritional knowledge to back up the training. Nate has shown me how to combine subtle variations in the workouts with a primary focus on nutritional modifications to get results. His understanding of human physiology – and its response to varying stimuli — flows from him intuitively. Now, 48-years old, I’m in the best shape of my life. My patients and their families keep telling me how healthy and youthful I look. Many have told me that I inspire them to take better care of themselves.
— Ilyas
Nate Miyaki is one of the most honest nutritionists in the industry. He doesn’t go for fads or crazes—just real and long-term results. His approach is healthy and sustainable, and I trust his advice completely.
— SEAN HYSON, Group Training Director for Men’s Fitness Magazine