You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
— Les Brown
  • Individualized Training Programs
  • Integrated Flexibility Training and Corrective Exercise
  • Core Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Pre and Post-Natal
  • Strength/Balance
  • Muscle Gain
  • Personal Training at Home, Outdoors, or at a Private Gym


A nursing school graduate (BSN) and personal trainer since 2000, Philip has developed a unique and grounded approach to personal fitness through a combination of learning, experience and training. This allows him to pay special attention to each client’s needs and goals. As a committed professional, he is dedicated to continuing education and keeping current with emerging methods in the world of health and fitness. His mission is to improve mind, body and spirit through exercise. In his spare time Philip enjoys outdoor adventure activities including hiking and kayaking, food, travel, music and dancing.



  • Certified Fitness Instructor (CPT) -  UCLA Certificated Program in Fitness Instruction            
  • Corrective Exercise Certified (NASM)
  • Kettlebell Rehab Certified
  • TRX Essentials Certified
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing (BSN) - Metropolitan State University of Denver, 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts, Microbiology and Zoology, University of Florida, Gainesville   


Philip is far more than I expected in a personal trainer, especially given the tough shoulder injury I came to him with. He analyzed my every move and muscle, and his knowledge of the body allowed him to prescribe the exact exercises and movements to strengthen as well as heal my injury. Most of all, he treats me as if I were his most important project with goals of perfecting.
— Client ZPF, San Francisco
Philip is one of a kind. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. He has gone beyond any of my expectations. After my aortic valve replacement he would attend my physical therapy sessions to understand my new limits and how to proceed with my training after. If you’re looking for a trainer who can evaluate your goals and limitations and construct a personalized program for you, Philip is the one.
— Client NB, San Francisco
I reached my goal of core strength, building muscle mass, and leaning up. Philips understanding of anatomy and my individual muscle weaknesses gave me the sense of safety at all times and is one of his main objectives. Safety and form is often overlooked by other trainers. His approach never jeopardized form or integrity. I highly recommend him for all your training goals! Thanks Philip!
— Client JvC, San Francisco
I worked with Philip for approximately 4 months while my trainer was ill. I adore Philip. He made me feel comfortable and managed to find the balance of intensity and proper weights to give me an overall body workout in approximately 1 hour (I do about 10 minutes of cardio on my own). Philip was able to keep me engaged and keep me moving, pushing me, but careful with my numerous arthritic and knee issues. He, like all great trainers, has a million variations of each exercise to accommodate individual needs. I highly recommend him.
— Client SM, age 70, San Francisco
Philip and I trained together the last couple of months, and I’ve had great results in gaining strength, particularly in my squat and deadlift. He put together a push/pull program based on my schedule and goals, and substituted in a variety of exercises to keep it interesting along the way. His extensive lifting experience combined with his medical background helps him ensure that you’re using proper form to remain injury-free while using enough weight to get results. If you’re looking to gain strength or size, I’d highly recommend him!
— Client EA, San Francisco
Philip is amazing to work with. He’s like a physical therapist and trainer in one. He was able to analyze my moments, recognize imbalances, and build a personalized program for me that helped alleviate nagging injuries while still building overall strength and stamina. I couldn’t be happier with the results. As a bonus, he’s just an overall great guy that puts a smile on your face even while he’s pushing to do way more than you thought you could. I can’t recommend him enough.
— Client JP, San Francisco