• Habit Creation and Modification
  • Personal and Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Life Auditing
  • Dreamstorming
  • Goal Setting and Prioritization


Pooja Dang is a life coach that works with individuals to design and create a life they love. 

Pooja’s style of coaching is the right balance between a ‘head in the clouds’ and ‘feet on the ground’ mentality. In other words, she begins by encouraging her clients to dream BIG and really strive for everything they want in their lives. Then, she grounds it all in a mutual framework that they can implement and create the ideal life for her client. Pooja brings a lot of energy and passion to her coaching and prides herself in being able to create a space for her clients to open up and work through values and beliefs that are holding them back.  

Pooja believes everybody has the right to love what you do, surround yourself with people that elevate you, and engage in activities that make you come alive. In essence, living a life of purpose and to your full potential. 

Her clients include out of balance and overwhelmed professionals looking to take back some control of their lives, individuals that are ready for a change but are struggling with the next step, and individuals looking to reexamine their life and figure out their big purpose. 

Prior to being coach, Pooja spent 12 years in corporate America working as an actuary. On paper, her life and career checked off all the boxes you should need to be happy and yet something was still missing. It wasn’t until she found coaching that she realized that it was her responsibility to take ownership of her life and CREATE the life that she wanted. Fast-forward to today and she now helps people make the same realization!

In addition to working with her clients, Pooja is an avid fitness enthusiast training on a women’s powerlifting team and practicing yoga. Her dedication has led her to obtain multiple training certifications and she respects the passion and place fitness has in everyday life.

Pooja believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to answer the question:

Does your current life light you up? 

If your answer is no, DO something about it. Don’t wait for a path to show up. Create your own