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Hi I'm Sean. I train people to Move Strong.

Clients come to me when they want to move through the day with confidence. When they want their clothes to fit differently. And most of all, when they are tired of taking the strength and wellness journey alone.

I train all types of clients. My youngest client is 3 years old. We jump on the trampoline together. My oldest client is my 63 year old father who can now do more pull-ups than ever before in his life. Everyone I train has one thing in common: a desire to invigorate their lives by moving strong.

We are all Born Movers.

Creating a passion for movement is my central goal in working with clients. We are all born movers. There is no six year old that doesn't find joy in moving. My goal is to help you get in touch with the human movement patterns that belong to you. When this happens, words like 'effort', 'work', and 'push' become obsolete. We flow. We move. We get strong - effortlessly.

My journey to training people wasn't straight-forward.

I was never much of an athlete growing up, but I always loved to move and compete. In my teens I struggled to find meaning in lifting weights. So I didn't. College changed everything. I pursued powerlifting to be bigger, stronger, and more attractive. I went to great lengths to maintain my size and muscle mass. Even going so far as to pack two large tubs of protein powder on a 3 month trip to China. Something had clicked, and I was committed, but I had no idea what I as doing.

Moving beyond size to strength.

I was big, but I was not strong... and I really couldn't move. A friend invited me to a yoga class is 2006. Crow pose was a great awakening for me. As an entire room full of beginner yogis balanced on their hands, I watched in disbelief. Whatever sex appeal I had, it wasn't doing much for my movement. Two years later I ended up in an adult gymnastics class. And this is where my journey into strength and movement really began. 

I became addicted to movement.

I became addicted to gymnastics strength and conditioning. I trained twice a day, every day. Whatever time I could spare I lived, breathed, and loved gymnastics. I did a 3 month internship with Orench Lagman, a revered gymnastics strength and conditioning coach. I learned everything he knew about coaching and programming movement. Over time I became strong, and slowly began to understand the origins of exceptional bodyweight strength. This is when I started coaching others and building an individual movement practice.

I studied nutrition to offer my clients more.

To round out my gymnastics passion I worked heavily with John Douillard an Ayurvedic practitioner and the PHDs at Precision Nutrition. This knowledge has been indispensable as I help clients lose weight, manage poor digestion and decrease stress. All critical pieces of the movement puzzle.

Years later I would move to San Francisco. Here I have continued my love affair with movement. I coach both boys and girls at American Gymnastics and AcroSports. And even though I've said 'gymnastics about 7 times up until this point' saying I'm a gymnast doesn't really capture what I do or how I train myself or my clients. I have a broad knowledge of movement and strength. Over the past decade I have incorporated powerlifting, rock climbing, dance ballet/capoeira), trampoline and the aerial arts into my own practice and that of my clients. I enjoy all forms of movement and truly have a difficult time choosing what to do. My body simply loves to move.


  • USA Gymnastics | Certified Gymnastics Coach

  • Core Power | 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • Functional Range Conditioning | Certified Practitioner - Functional Release (Spine)

  • Gymnastics Bodies | Gymnastics Strength Training

  • Phillip Chubb | Movement and Poliquin Hypertrophy Training

  • Ido Portal | Gymnastics Strength Training & Movement Basics

  • Student of Michael Markowitz | Creative Expression

  • Student of Heather McGill | Corrective Exercise & Sport Specific Rehabilitation

  • Student of Tom Wexler | Movement Archery & Improvisational Dance

  • Student of Yuri Marmerstein | Hand balancing & Gymnastics Strength Training

I’ve experienced enough only to find out that I know very little about the complexity of human movement. So I keep moving, hoping to find out a little more from one day to the next.