• Strength Training for Functional Movement

  • Sports Specific Speed, Strength + Conditioning

  • Pain Relief, Injury Prevention + Post Rehabilitation

  • Muscle Gain, Strength + Fat Loss

  • Lifestyle + Nutritional Coaching

  • Semi Private/Small Group Specialist


Master your mind, then you will master your body.
— Bruce Lee

Simon is a performance specialist who has worked with many leading corporate executives in the Bay Area alongside professional athletes/teams from the NFL, NHL, MLB, Rugby, MMA, World Tour and Big Wave Surfing, Olympic Sports and the US Special Forces. Originally from New Zealand, Simon grew up on a farm, playing professional rugby and surfing in the South Pacific Ocean and as a result has a unique understanding of functional strength and rotational human movement. His 15 year journey through professional sporting and elite tactical environments has resulted in global recognization for his expertise in movement training and rehabilitation.  His commitment to keeping individuals motivated and energetic while executing a cutting edge training program consistently delivers results alongside his infectious passion and enthusiasm for training people.  

Clients like working with Simon because he is a dynamic teacher who is extremely skillful at developing specific and individualized performance programs applicable to their needs. This unique understanding, combined with his ability to communicate effectively, allows Simon to offer his clients the very best performance plan and provide a support network to his clientele within his professional and fun environment. Simon's clients currently receive the benefits from his relationships and consults with some of the leading human performance companies in areas of Sleep Fatigue management, Human Power Performance, Rehabilitative Strategies and Corporate High Performance sustainability solutions. As an added bonus, most of our clients eventually transfer to semi private sessions and benefit from a highly motivated team environment created by Simon’s expert experience working with professional teams. His experience as a leader in his field has made him a respected mentor to many local trainers in the bay area who have been thru the SFPT Mentorship program.



Simon was amazing. I was in serious pain in my lower back and he fixed me up so I am able to tango again. I have never trained before but they were so good at educating me how and Simon is a very funny guy who knows his stuff and exactly what I needed to do. The physiotherapy alongside Simons strength training keeps me pain free and improved my pillar strength as he calls it. The training program they created for me personally has helped me dance pain free and I’m so happy again.
Thank you SFPT.”
— Semiha, Tango Dancer /Jewelry Entrepreneur
Simon’s knowledge and expertise not only reflect in the results of his athlete’s abilities and performance but his attitude engages you in an environment that makes you want to push yourself to your highest potential while having fun doing it. Since I’ve started working with Simon we’ve increased my mobility back to what it was before my injuries and I’m able to engage in activities at a level that I was unsure I’d be able to perform at again. Upon first meeting him you can immediately tell that he’s someone who is positive and passionate about helping people recover and achieving their goals. His guidance and instruction as a trainer and a friend have been invaluable and made the entire experience one I will always look back upon with the highest regard.
— Nate Dunmire, Hot Shot Fire Fighter Colorado USA
Simon Fathers is an awesome people person: easy going, relaxed, passionate, and hard working. As a trainer, he knows his (stuff) and makes everything fun and competitive. He comes up with a lot of different drills and explains both how they work and benefits of doing them, which is just what an athlete needs. Simon will push you to the point where you’ll want to quit, and then go past it, all while making you want to keep going. Don’t get fooled; he’s a nice guy, but he will push you. He’s tough, but fair. I wish I got more time to work with him.”
— Zare Lawrence, Professional Rugby Player, Bay of Plenty Steamers and New Zealand 7s National Team