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client faq:

"What exactly is DIAKADI Fitness?"

For thirteen years straight, DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life has received leading accolades as San Francisco’s most comprehensive, one-stop-shop fitness and wellness facility. Since opening in 2004 as San Francisco’s largest personal training-only facility, owners Billy Polson and Mike Clausen have worked diligently to gather a portfolio of San Francisco’s premiere wellness services.

The key distinction of the facility is definitely its personal training. DIAKADI has been recognized to have a team of the best personal trainers in the city based on their custom-design, detailed assessments and individualized programs for all types and levels of clients. The facility hosts a team of the most educated trainers in San Francisco and offers a fully encompassing list of services such as a Registered Dietician, an Organic Personal Chef, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy, with each individual service at a premium level in quality. DIAKADI has all the amenities of a Five-Star General Membership Facility including complimentary parking, laundry service and locker room amenities including complimentary towel service, fruit, coffee and tea.

"How can I contact DIAKADI?"

290 Division Street, No. 200, San Francisco, California 94103
T:  415 863 4922

“I am thinking of joining… how do I start?”

It’s easy! Click on the button “Get Started” below to learn more and fill out our questionnaire. Our referral director will then contact you within the next 24 hours with recommendations for trainers to begin the process of crushing your goals. In the meantime, check out our DIAKADI Trainer page and check out our kick ass trainers and their specialties.

“Is there parking?”

YES! DIAKADI has ELEVEN designated spaces for clients (spaces 22-32) for 2 hour max use. They are located on 2226 Alameda St. at Utah St. against the auto body shop, Autobody Detail Specialist. Feel free to park here for your session. Rode your bike?? No worries, bring it in and park it in our biking corral located in the gym, Suite 200.

“What are the gym hours?”

"Is DIAKADI open on holidays?"

"I am looking to get more involved with personal training and am inquiring about internship and/or mentorship opportunities."

"I am a beginner level personal trainer and want to know more about different certifications."

Welcome to the personal training world! DIAKADI's Blog, DB04, includes a comprehensive guide to becoming a trainer and continuing your education. We also offer advice on which certifications to get based on your budget. Check it out and start your personal training career today!

“What is the cost of training with a personal trainer here?”

Our highly knowledgeable and unique trainers have rates varying from $110-$175. Apart from these dues, we require the purchase of an Access Pass to use DIAKADI’s facility.

“What does Open Gym mean?”

Open Gym allows you to come in and kick ass without your trainer! We require that you still work out with your trainer at least once a week, but with the Monthly Recurring Open Gym Access Pass you are able to come in on your own during our NON-PEAK HOURS. These hours are:

“How do I cancel my training and end my Access Pass at DIAKADI?”

We hate to see you go but if you must, here’s how:

Let the front desk know one week in advance of the next monthly Access Pass charge that you are discontinuing your training at DIAKADI. No refunds are allowed. We will send you a confirmation email notifying you of cancellation. If you return in the future, don’t worry, you’ll still be in our system to start up your sessions again! You can also upgrade your pass at any time also. Just inform the front desk what Access Pass you want to switch to.

"How do I sign up for Physical Therapy?”

DIAKADI’s in-house Physical Therapists offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment services including sports specific movement analysis, treatment of movement impairment syndromes, traumatology, post-surgery rehabilitation, injury rehab, active release and muscle testing. They will develop fitness and wellness oriented programs which address prevention and treatment to support you in a healthier and more active lifestyle.

trainer FAQ:

"I want to become a trainer. What are the baseline requirements of being a trainer at DIAKADI?"

"What are the costs of bringing clients to DIAKADI?"

"I'm ready to become a DIAKADI trainer!"

We'd love to have you! Let's get started.

"What education opportunities does DIAKADI offer?"

As a DIAKADI trainer you have tons of benefits. Learn, collaborate, and grow in your business with our education events. 

"I am a trainer! How can I host a group class at DIAKADI?"

Using DIAKADI's newest expansion, DIAKADI Strength + Performance Center (DS+P), you now have the ability to RESERVE equipment for groups of up to twelve clients.

"How do I rent out space in DIAKADI for my event or photo+ videoshoot?

Mirror selfies are a thing of the past! Whether you're looking for the perfect place for your photoshoot, videoshoot, creative event, or educational workshop, you came to the right place. DIAKADI is a spacious 14,000 square foot facility that spans over two floors. On the top level, you’ll find our classic look with turf, a boxing space, an escape + recovery room, and state-of-the-art gym equipment. Our downstairs facility has an old school feel complete with a cargo net, jungle gym, climbing rope, more turf, and recently a sports and performance center equipped with 4 squat racks and Keiser machines. Create something amazing.