Jackelyn Ho

Being part of the DIAKADI Internship program was the single best thing I could have done for myself and my business. I joined the team while I was in the heat of writing a business plan, executing market research, and negotiating lease agreements. There's only so much you can research until you realize that the internet is good for general advice, but lacks in true actionable and honest advice from a trustable source. Not only was the team at DIAKADI a trustable source, but each executive member went out of their way to understand my questions, share their specific experience, and connect me with the best of the best in the industry. Plus, being in the heat of the madness at San Francisco's #1 gym was an honor and incredible opportunity. There's nothing that can replace seeing clients, trainers, and the world-class team all working towards one beautiful goal. 

Thank you to Billy Polson and Mike Clausen for creating a gym that's in a class of its own and allowing rookies like myself to be part of a legacy. Questioning whether you should apply? Yes. One hundred percent yes!


Andrew Speros

“I had a great experience in the mentorship program. The one-on-ones with Gina and Mike were super helpful and productive. Just being here surrounded by all this knowledge and positive energy was really inspiring. It was awesome that I got to choose the things to work on based on what I wanted to learn and my passions. The flexibility in hours and tasks was super great for me at the time. 

I think the best parts of the internship were interacting with the trainers here, getting to know their style of doing business, how they build programs, specific exercises, and bouncing ideas back and forth. ”


Dustin Eastment

“Not only is DIAKADI a 5-star training facility, but they also offer an amazing internship program that I have been privileged enough to be a part of. DIAKADI provides interns with a well-rounded business development program partnered with high quality hands on education. For example, in my educational one on ones with Billy, Mike and Gina, we walked through detailed assessments, case studies, and the most efficient ways for tracking client progress and results electronically. Gina has also helped me to build out my own website to bring in new clients to my practice."



Angus Lee

“I highly recommend the DIAKADI internship program to any fitness professional whether you are just starting off or already experienced and looking to take your business to the next level. DIAKADI offers many different education programs that drive their interns onto the path of success. The internship has helped me gain confidence in not only my business but myself as well. I was able to build my business website, body assessment, and program design with the help of Billy and his awesome staff and trainers. They are truly the best!”