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  • Corrective Exercise for Pain Management and Perfect Posture for life

  • Injury Prevention and Post-Rehab Training

  • Body Fat Reduction and Muscle Toning

  • Women Specific + Fitness for Aging Population

  • Sport Specific Training

    • Snowboarding, swimming, cycling


Be who you are and say what what you mean, because the people who mind don’t matter, and the people who matter don’t mind.
— Dr. Seuss

Jo has helped hundreds of people become pain-free and reach their weight-loss goals, all with the firm belief that if you do what moves you, both physically and emotionally, you will be able to stick to your commitments and see results. Jo is obsessed with workout efficiency and she incorporates breathing, detoxing, grounding and mindfulness exercises into her personal training practice when necessary to provide a balanced approach to physical and mental health.

Jo comes from a long line of PE teachers and grew up competing in gymnastics and playing sports. She is a collegiate soccer national champion, All-American collegiate snowboarder, and first place winner of the NGA Pro Bikini Universe. After several debilitating snowboard accidents, Jo was inspired to go back to school learn how to best help others to prevent injuries and build their bodies to support their lifestyles.

Jo was honored by San Francisco Magazine with their “Best of SF” award for her excellence in personal training and coaching. In her free time, you can find Jo surfing at Ocean Beach or skateboarding at one of her local skateparks. 


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

    • Certified Personal Trainer

    • Corrective Exercise Specialist

    • Behavior Change Specialist

    • Women’s Fitness Specialist

  • Associates Degree in Advanced Health and Fitness Training from Bryan University


I have been working out with Jo with a group of friends for over 3 years and I continue to love the variety and thought that Jo puts into each week’s workout. And the pain the next day too. She is knowledgeable about the physiology of the body and has helped a number of us get over injuries with exercises (and the dreaded roller). She has also helped me achieve personal fitness goals over the years. Highly recommended!
— Claire B-C.
Jo Joy is a fantastic fitness trainer. I hired her to help me after I sustained some serious injuries (crushed vertebrae, bulging discs, and a fractured ankle). She taught me how to safely build strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, which allowed me to do more in life with less pain. I was also practicing yoga, so she had me show her the poses I was doing. She advised me against one of the asanas and gave me critical corrections to a few others to prevent injury. Also, one day while she was walking up a flight of stairs behind me, she noticed something about my feet/ankles and asked me about it. I explained that I had been rolling my ankle recently. She took a look at my shoes that my doctor had recommended and suggested that they were causing the problem - and she was right! I got rid of the shoes and she instead taught me how to strengthen my ankles - which corrected the original issue! Jo Joy is knowledgable, motivating, inspiring, and fun. I strongly recommend her.
— Lisa V.
Jo Joy is the best. She makes everything I do with her feel more meaningful, valuable and fun then it would on my own. On top of knowing a ton about how to get me into great shape, she brings a wonderful quality of listening, care, FUN and wisdom on all sorts of things like nutrition, breathing and other healthy habits that have helped me transform my life. Can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Ruth L.