John Ferraro


  • Body Composition Transformation

  • Muscle Gain, Strength + Fat Loss

  • Physique-Focused Fitness

  • Individualized In-person + Online Program Design

  • Nutritional Coaching


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
— Unknown

John Ferraro has been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 11 years. His first client, as with most, was himself. Athletic as he was growing up and throughout college, John still found himself over 300lbs at 19 years old. Today he is fit, healthy, happy, leading by example and ready to inform motivated individuals on how to live a fulfilling life.

After 14 years of competitive football and rugby, John retired from the world of contact sports. His successes in building strength and endurance for functional athletic purposes, as well as rebuilding strength over injuries, have awarded him a thorough understanding of the body’s biomechanics. Subsequently, his outgoing confident nature and team captain personality allow him to readily see strengths in others, build motivation and lead clients to their goals. He now fills his athletic drive with fitness competitions such as bodybuilding and physique events. 

His true passion and MO is found in changing others' lives by helping them reach their personal fitness goals. John finds gratification helping people boost their confidence through body fat loss and muscle gain.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • American Counsel on exercise | Metabolic Training Coach

  • Pre/Post Natal Personal Training Certificate

  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge | Kettlebell Instructor

  • USA Weightlifting | Coach

  • IFT | PNF Flexibility Training Certification

  • TRX Group Fitness Instructor Certified

  • Precision Nutrition | Level 1 Nutritionist

  • Middle Tennessee State University | Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science


[John’s] program was extremely challenging with exercises that I’d never done before, like incorporating TRX, and sticking to such a strict diet forced me to look at what I was putting into my body every day. I found the 1st week of the meal plan very challenging then slowly got used to it when I started seeing results... 9lbs in the first week! It kept me motivated.
— Daniel
The challenge taught me about being mindful. Mindful about what I put into my body and when, mindful about getting the rest I needed and mindful about staying positive. In life (and especially in corporate America) it’s far too easy to just go through the motions and float through your day, but there is no joy in that. By pushing myself to think about how I was treating my body, I forced myself to re-engage with life. At first it hurt a bit, but then I remembered how good it feels.
— Casey
I was on my own personal journey starting back in 2014 and lost the confidence I had established during this process and had such a hard time gaining it back. With the changes in my body, the praise from my co-workers and what I saw in the mirror I viewed myself differently and told myself “it is possible and you make it that way”. After working with John for a year I have lost 85 pounds!! I can not thank him enough.
— Ryan