ONE ON ONE SESSIONS >> DIAKADI offers a wide selection of San Francisco's most educated and experienced independent trainers, each with their own unique training style and fitness background. Private sessions vary in time with partner and small group trainings available at the discretion of the trainer. Each trainer will provide you with a fitness assessment before your first session in order to design the appropriate fitness program based on both your goals and your body’s needs.

PROGRAM DESIGN >> Let a DIAKADI trainer take you through a full body assessment including testing for functional and structural imbalances, postural deviations, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination. Then based on this assessment, as well as your goals and health history, your trainer will design an individualized 6 week workout program for you, teaching you your program as well as your lifestyle alterations over 2 one hour teaching sessions. You will walk away with a fully documented program (including pictures and/or videos of each exercise) which you can follow for the next 6 weeks. 

NUTRITION + FUEL >> Exercise and movement is a small part of healthy living and we want to help clients from all aspects. That is why we have a group of DIAKADI Trainers that also address nutritional needs. With their nutritional degrees and holistic coaching certifications, our trainers will assist you in your goal of eating right.