• Improved Strength, Muscle Mass and Coordination

  • Functional Sport and Movement Training

  • Weight Reduction/Fat Loss

  • Improved Postural Correction

  • Holistic Life Coaching

  • Pre and Post Natal Training


With over 10 years of experience, Shelby Jacquez has a passionate and holistic approach to personal training.  Shelby values health, fitness, and personal and spiritual wellbeing.  Movement of the human body deeply inspires Shelby and she believes that the human body is capable of incredible accomplishments. Witnessing her clients’ progress motivates her to strive towards achieving success for both herself and her clients.   Shelby believes that a successful training session is when client comes in after a hard day of work and leaves with a smile.  She defines overall success when she helps one discover and experience the synergy of exercise, nutrition and proper rest.

Shelby is a trained dancer, skilled martial artist, Ashtanga yoga student, avid snowboarder as well as a dedicated runner and triathlete.  Her athletic history has led her to become a natural at teaching movement, balance and posture. Shelby has a great aptitude for designing specialized exercise programs, ranging from functional strength training to marathon running programs. Shelby is NASM certified and a C.H.E.K. HLC (Holistic Lifestyle Coach).


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Woman's Fitness Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • CHEK | Holistic Life Coach level 1


My trainer, Shelby Jacquez, is awesome. She listens attentively, recommends articulately and never makes me do the same workout twice. She’s funny, interesting and has given me the one thing I could never get: GUNS. All I wanted for xmas was GUNS and now I have them!
— Shelly