DIAKADI is thrilled to be a part of something new. We're partnering up with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to incorporate exercise into this amazing foster home.

Recently, DIAKADI trainers led the Muttville volunteers and mutts in a fun 30 minute dog-inspired exercise classes as a thank you for their efforts with the senior pups. These workout events include exercises like dog weighted squats, puppy presses, and of course the dreaded 'Puppy Planks'. Afterward, volunteers and trainers spent some time pampering the dogs by walking and bathing them.

Muttville is an incredibly special nonprofit organization and a little sanctuary for senior and special needs dogs that have lost their home somehow and are looking for a family to adopt them. During their time here, you can make an impact by doing something as simple as spending time with them or taking them on a walk around the block. 

Infatuated with adorable
grandma and grandpa dogs?

Get started as a volunteer at Muttville Headquarters 255 Alabama St., San Francisco and help make a DIAKADI Difference! Billy Polson drops in every single Wednesday to take photos, walk, and play with the mutts at Muttville. Shoot him an email to join forces!

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