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  • Muscle Gain, Strength + Fat Loss Programs

  • Functional Sport + Movement Training

  • Holistic Health Coaching – Nutrition, Personal Development + Mental Health

  • Golf Performance: Improved Flexibility + Increase Swing Speed


I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’
— Muhammad Ali

Ricky has been playing sports for almost as long as he’s been walking. Spending the majority of his childhood on the golf course or the basketball court, he worked his way to becoming a scratch golfer at the age of 14, as well as playing basketball for the prestigious Saint Ignatious College Prep. While attending Saint Ignatius, Ricky began weight lifting as a way to improve his sports performance, and the habit stuck. Within a few years he left his academic path in math and economics to begin his training career at The Bay Club in San Francisco. After a successful tenure at the Bay Club, Ricky decided to go independent and begin training at DIAKADI, where the facility is much better geared towards the functional and performance driven exercises that he loves to use.

Since then Ricky has worked with hundreds of people from all kinds of demographics. The variety and individuality of each client is what keeps personal training fresh and engaging for him. Ricky enjoys reaching into his large arsenal of exercises to make sure each client has a routine that is tailored for their specific body and goals. Ricky also has a passion the nutrition side of fitness. He believes that no matter what your goal, your success is predicated just as much on how you eat as it is how you exercise. With this in mind, Ricky makes sure that all his clients have a deep understanding of the science behind nutrition and how best to approach it for their specific goals.


  • American Council on Exercise | Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • CHEK | Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • DotFit | Nutrition Certified


My time with Ricky as my trainer was spectacular. He is the most knowledgeable trainer that I’ve ever had. He knows the human body and how it functions very well. This aspect is huge in being able to individualize programs. I felt like my program was just for me and my body type mixed with my goals. He is also the best motivator in and outside the gym. His training doesn’t end once your session is complete. He cares about your independence and teaches you how to take control of your own fitness. Unlike many other trainers his goal isn’t to have you feeling trapped working out with him forever.
I came to Ricky with several movement limitations; the result of injuries to my pelvis, knee, and ankle. Ricky created a customized workout and stretching routine, which allowed me to improve my strength and flexibility in ways I doubted possible!
I started training with Ricky because I wanted to get back into a routine of going to the gym regularly and because I wanted to learn new exercises to incorporate into my workouts. Ricky was very effective at identifying the areas that I needed to focus on, and he tailored our PT sessions to emphasize these muscle groups. As a result, I made appreciable gains in strength, stamina, and overall fitness. I would highly recommend Ricky as a personal trainer.