• Muscle Gain, Strength + Fat Loss Programs

  • Posture Assessment + Corrective Exercise

  • Pain Relief + Injury Prevention

  • Muscle Testing + P-DTR

  • IMETT/Indirect VO2 Testing


Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
— Joshua J. Marine

Tommy Armenta believes fitness is a pathway to achieve physical and spiritual growth. Drawing on his own experiences of overcoming adversity through fitness, Tommy thrives on empowering his clients to be and feel their very best, inside and out. For Tommy and his clients, success means achieving clearly defined and individualized goals – whether it is to correct posture and eliminate back pain, increase vitality and energy, or undergo a physical transformation.

Tommy’s approach combines his deep understanding of fundamental functional fitness principles with an unyielding respect for each client’s strengths and weaknesses. To that end, Tommy onboards his clients via muscle testing; strength, movement and postural assessments; nutrition and wellness evaluation; and body composition analysis. Tommy uses this information to design a comprehensive customized program that often extends beyond the gym into lifestyle realms.

As a practitioner with 16 years of training experience and a pulse on the latest fitness innovations, Tommy sees above fitness fads. Biomechanical precision is at the core of Tommy’s methodology, a focus that corrects compensatory patterns and enables optimal gains while preventing injury. His workouts combine tried and true exercises with innovative moves – every workout is fun, unique, and efficient.

Tommy’s thirst for knowledge and quest to bring the best tools to his clients has led him to study a game changing neuroscience technique called P-DTR. Designed to address muscular and neurological dysfunctions, P-DTR assists the body to function optimally. Tommy incorporates this method into workout sessions real-time on the gym floor as needed which enables clients to exercise without compensation patterns. Clients often experience immediate relief from pain, increase in strength, and overall enhanced connection to their body and muscles, ultimately allowing optimum movement patterns and maximum gains.

An avid multi-disciplinary athlete, Tommy brings a competitive mindset and adventurous spirit to every workout session. Tommy has traveled the world performing with his Kung Fu school and served in the armed forces. On any given weekend, you can find Tommy playing basketball, ping pong, hiking, skiing, or experimenting with photography and digital editing.

Above all, Tommy’s life purpose lies in his family and his role as a father to his incredible 12 year old son, Nikko. In Tommy’s words, “Nikko is my best friend and he’s the fire that keeps me striving. I love him with all of my heart.” 


  • CHEK Institute | Exercise Coach, Level 1,2 Practitioner, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2. Mentor: Paul Chek

  • Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex | Basic and Intermediate. Mentor: Dr. Jose Palomar

  • KILO Strength Society | Body Composition Camp, Hypertrophy Camp, Advanced Strategies to Program Design Camp & Primeight Camp | Mentor: Stephane Cazeault

  • EXOS | Phase 1, Arizona. Mentor: Mike Verstegen

  • Institute of Human Performance | Mentorship I, Boca Raton, FL: Juan Carlos Santana


Prior to working closely with Tommy, I rarely strength trained, finding it - and gym lifestyle - intimidating. Tommy put together a program that met me where I was. Each session has challenged me, but has never been so out of reach that it defeated me. As a result, I left feeling proud of what I accomplished and motivated to return. I’ve seen the physical results/benefits of consistent training sessions, but the real impact has been the mental health benefits. I see strength training now as a practice that contributes positively to my mental well-being. Tommy coached, encouraged, pushed, believed-in, and created a program I could achieve.
— Shannon
I was in a serious car wreck about a year ago that left me with massive injuries. I’m missing a 5” chunk from my pelvis, which is held together by about seven plates, and have about 3 feet of Frankenstein scars covering my torso from about 6 major internal surgeries. The accident created a ton of trauma. Besides the physical side, my girlfriend and best friend were killed in the accident. I’ve spent the last year seeing the best trauma surgeons, orthopedics, physical therapists, and psychiatrists. I felt lucky to be alive, able to walk, and for the most part function “normally”, but was still a far cry from where I was before the accident. I was in the gym constantly, sleeping and eating right, but I just could not get my strength and mobility back. My doctors told me I was “cured” and “as good as I was going to get”, but I knew something deeper was off kilter. I saw Tommy, I’ll admit, pretty reluctantly- I’d been discouraged from seeing experts with no real results and was sick of wasting my time and theirs. That first session with Tommy was absolutely mind-blowing. He basically confirmed that the whole left side of my body was not working properly due to some neurological dysfunction cause by the the huge scars on my body. This was scary, but also validating. Then, Tommy did his P-DTR thing and brought it all back in 60 minutes. It felt like I stepped back into my old body. Everything was in balance again and the weird aches and pains that had been creeping in were totally gone. It was absolutely incredible and to be honest pretty emotional. Anyone who cares at all about their body should be getting this work. Without it you’re missing a huge piece of the picture. As far as I’m concerned Tommy is the best. He is a miracle worker.
— James
I have followed athletic pursuits for a long time. This includes running consistently for the past 15 years, competing in triathlons and ironman races and numerous ultra-distance running events. I have an active lifestyle, and am in the food business so I have a good understanding and discipline around nutrition. I’ve looked for years for a trainer and have seen dozens of “professionals”, never feeling like I was getting someone who really knew their stuff, until I met Tommy. Tommy has worked his butt off to live his approach. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge that has pushed him to learn more and more from the very best. From Paul Check to Athlete’s Performance and even learning martial arts to better his understanding of training for MMA. Tommy is encyclopedic in his understanding of full body mechanics. This training is about correcting all your imbalances, total core power and getting your body to recruit evenly in all you do and move like a machine. Life changing I tell you. This guy is the real deal.
— Stephen