A San Francisco native, Devin Wilborn is an 80s baby with an equally unique perspective. At the age of 7, Wilborn found his first love in his parent's Canon AV-1 & his second in the landscape that surrounded him. Since then, Wilborn has captured his lust for life from every angle, producing works in photography, film, and mixed media. An experiential artist, under his project StudioBT, Wilborn collaborated across genres, building with independent fashion brands & upcoming models. After a brief hiatus to explore the unknown, Wilborn is back with his boldest work yet:  Glitch.Please.

Inspired by Shakespeare's a Midsummer Night's Dream, Glitch.Please is anything but benign. 

Displaying intense levels of the subdued erotic, the various glitches in Wilborn's psychic matrix are as endlessly nuanced as any one woman could be. Ever the temptress, Glitch.Please invites viewers to uncover the underlying seduction in the spaces in between time.