Planning a night out and don't want to sacrifice flavor for a guilt free dinner?

Our DIAKADI Personal Trainers not only know nutritious foods but delicious meals too. Their recommendations of the healthiest, tastiest restaurants in the Bay-Area will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied whether you're gluten-free, plant-based, vegan, or just really dig organic, fresh foods.


 2240 Chestnut Street, San Francisco CA 94123

Recommended by Paul Wright  |  Seed and Salt

This gluten free and vegan revolutionary restaurant brings plant based clean eating to the Marina District. This hefty beet burger (pictured to the left) is made from beets, walnuts, lentils, mushrooms, raisins and brown rice, spices, smoked sea salt and ranch served on a GF burger bun is proof of Seed and Salt's culinary creativity and extensive dietary research. This tempting creation along with their seasonal salads and purple potatoes in a chimichurri sauce is a must try, according to DIAKADI trainer Paul Wright.               

blue barn

3344 Steiner Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Recommended by Natalie Carey   |   Blue Barn

"Best salads in SF," claims DIAKADI trainer Natalie Carey. Their unique U-pick menu is as simple as it sounds - You pick exactly what and how you want from the thirty plus ingredients, showing off their artisan products and sustainably grown and procured produce. And not to mention you know exactly where it's coming from - Oak Hill Farm, a small sustainable, and family-run farm in Sonoma. Aside from salads, the menu includes toasted sandwiches and soup all made of quality ingredients. Blue Barn's farm, fresh, and flavorful options will have you coming back for more. 

mission heirloom

2085 Vine St. Berkeley, CA 94709

Recommended by Elaine Williams   |  Mission Heirloom

A clean eatery, a marketplace to shop, AND delivery service?

DIAKADI trainer Elaine Williams attests to the all encompassing restaurant - Mission Heirloom in the East Bay. Their organic, local, chemical-free, gluten-free, grain-free, sustainable, GMO-free, grass-fed, wild caught, and raw ingredients may sound too good to be true. 

The owners, Barroeta and Chang, believe that deliciousness should be a nutritional requirement. While paleo dieters flock here, their food is about reimagining traditions and passing them forward with top notch ingredients, attracting all foodies. Come in and enjoy their cozy greenhouse with edible garden.

Suite 108, Pier 3, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111    Recommended by  Dave Robinson  |     The Plant Cafe Organic

The plant cafe organic

Suite 108, Pier 3, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111  

Recommended by Dave Robinson |    The Plant Cafe Organic

With 8 locations, there are plenty of opportunities to pop into to have a healthy, local, organic, easy, and affordable meal for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike at The Plant. 

Dave Robinson, DIAKADI trainer, opts for the gorgeous views of the Bay at Pier 3 where The Plant is your one stop shop with their diverse menu, comprised of freshly made juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, wholesome grain dishes, pastas, poultry, Not to mention their fresh seafood, and 100% organic house-made pastries and desserts. 


A healthy, light, and convenient cafe on Union Street, offering plenty of calorie-conscious American options, such as organic salads, salmon, and soup, for dine in or grab and go. 

1796 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123-4407

Recommended by Stephanie Dale  | Lite Bite

Stephanie Dale, DIAKADI trainer, highly recommends Lite Bite's cauliflower, olive, and chickpea roast, which she now makes herself at home. 

While other places over process and package their meals, Lite Bite takes the time to prepare a nutritious meal for you fresh for your convenience without compromising taste. If you find yourself after a long day of work and are tempted to go through that drive-through, let Lite Bite be your fresh fast food stop.