• Adherence and Accountability

    • Regularly scheduled goal setting exercise

    • Continuous feedback loop

    • Ongoing progress feedback and benchmarking

  • Weight (Fat) Loss + Weight (Muscle) Gain

    • Comprehensive diet/exercise/lifestyle approach

    • Data-driven, proven results

  • Functional Movement Integration

    • Pain Mitigation

    • Movement Correction/Postural Realignment/Corrective Exercise + Functional Movement


Goals that people set for themselves and that are devoted to attaining mastery are usually healthy. But goals imposed by others—sales targets, quarterly returns, standardized test scores, and so on—can sometimes have dangerous side effects.
— Daniel H. Pink

Austin has an extensive background in sports, ranging from decathlon in high school to rowing at UC San Diego, where he studied Human Biology and gained extensive knowledge about his two major focus areas with his clients – diet/nutrition and how these intersect with exercise. Instead of the clinical route, Austin decided to go into personal training to build an integrated approach incorporating both the nutrition and exercise programs of his clients. To enhance and broaden his knowledge base, he obtained a Strength and Conditioning Specialist certificate (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, additional nutrition education through UCSD, and the Precision Nutrition certification, among others.  Collectively, these complementary sets of knowledge have become the basis of his personal training and nutrition/lifestyle adherence programs.

Currently, Austin’s training philosophy focuses on the basics, done well:  move often and well,  and train efficiently, effectively, and functionally. He adds to this a fundamental commitment to a diet program customized to work with defined lifestyle constraints and goals that enables clients to reap the rewards from their sustained effort.


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association | Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Postural Restoration Institute | Myokinematic Restoration, Postural Respiration, Pelvic Restoration, and Postural-Visual Integration

  • Anatomy Trains Fascial Dissection

  • Precision Nutrition | Level 1

  • Functional Movement Screen | Corrective Exercises

  • StrongFirst Barbell | Russian Kettlebell, TRX, and ViPR

  • Bachelors of Science in Human Biology | University of California San Diego


I’ll start this off by saying I’m very difficult to please when it comes to training. I’ve been in the gym for 35 years nearly nonstop, know many personal trainers personally and have used several over the years to overcome various physical issues. From the start, Austin did what the best PTs I’ve had have done. He genuinely listened to what I had to say about my goals, my limitations, my prior PT experiences, and planned a varied and still challenging workout. I’ve been very happy with the workouts which are dedicated to me for the entire 60 minutes! He lets me push ahead when I’m feeling stronger and helps me up when I’m weaker, all the while not judging me - well, at least not to my face haha.
— David G.
I don’t have enough good things to say about Austin. We started working together in 2013 when I was just using a free personal training session through my gym. I already had lots of weight lifting and work out experience, so I wasn’t sure that I would want to pay someone to tell me how to do things that I already knew. But I have to say: I’m so glad that I did!

Austin was attentive to my needs, strengths, and weaknesses, and helped me set and achieve goals that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. He is constantly looking to better his knowledge in the worlds of exercise and nutrition so that he can give his clients the best information out there. Are you looking for someone to hold you accountable for your diet? Austin can be that someone. Do you travel a lot and need a personalized workout while you’re on the road? Austin can do it for you. Did I mention he’s a blast to work with? Whether you need a “get down to business” kind of workout or something more fun, Austin is your guy. He is so much more than a personal trainer — he connects with you in the gym and out to ensure that you reach your goals.
— Andrea
I have been training with Austin for a bit over a year and it has literally been life changing! Having always been active, I never knew what a mess my body was until I worked with Austin. I was also weary of weight training because I didn’t want to get bulky. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I have been amazed how after years of cardio, running, sports and yoga how weight training has been the most effective way to become lean and toned. When I started working with Austin, we realized right off the bat that I had muscles compensate for other muscles - some muscles wouldn’t even work. (Example: I’d be on a glute machine and feel it entirely in my quads or be on a lat machine and feel it 100% in my shoulders!) Austin sculpted our sessions and circuit training around figuring out how to get my body and muscles in sync - all working together properly so I could achieve optimal results.

Throughout our training, I have had other random peculiarities become apparent with the way my body works and Austin always takes the time to research these things and construct workouts around what I specifically need. I have worked with one other trainer in the past who haphazardly would throw together an hour workout which she probably used for all of her clients that day. I never saw many results and never felt too motivated. I didn’t really achieve any goals during that time.... I signed up with Austin because I wanted to give personal training another shot. I was always intimidated by weight training, constantly worried I had bad form and wanted to take my strength and health to the next level. Austin has helped me achieve all of these things. Austin keeps me motivated and now I can confidently walk into a gym and know what to do based on how my body is feeling. His passion is evident and I have such a blast working out with him. I have referred Austin to many friends as well as my mom! I can’t say enough about him and can’t wait to see how his career continues to grow because he’s doing everything right!
— Autumn