• Corrective exercise/postural alignment
  • Functional, movement-based exercise
  • Stress management
  • Recreational and performance sports training (running, skiing, surfing)
  • Weight loss/gain


Elena is from Russia. She first attended a classical Russian ballet school at an early age. Throughout high school and college Elena was a Track and Field athlete and achieved numerous awards including the title of Regional Champion, as well as Relay Race Regional Champions. Today she enjoys running, surfing, and gymnastics. Love for sports and exploring new skills became a passion and a career path for her.

I always knew I had a great passion for teaching, which is why I chose to pursue a career in education. My first semester as a middle-school teacher made me realize how much seeing a positive change in someone's life makes me happy! Kids are the best teachers and to teach them right we must start with ourselves, so I decided to try it all!

I moved to the US in 2007 and fell in love with the state of California and San Francisco. Some years ago I found myself overworked, stressed, not eating well and struggling to find my passion. I stopped exercising after college and didn't know where to even start. Then, I just ran... I ran for a while until I stopped to see a sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge. I did the same the next day and the day after. I changed my career, learned to appreciate my body, and feed it well. Living here in the Bay Area for almost a decade allowed me to become more open, mindful, and adventurous. 

Fitness today is a science-driven industry and my responsibility as a professional is to educate myself on the latest discoveries and most effective techniques by the best coaches and entrepreneurs in the field. Most importantly, I make my programs sustainable for real life, results will follow when exercise is built into your lifestyle. 


  • US Career Institute Fitness Trainer/Nutritional Specialist
  • FMS (Functional Movement screening)


Practice what your preach. You will always find me learning and trying new things at the gym and outdoors.


Elena has been my personal trainer for almost four years. We had a great connection from the get go, I enjoyed her approachable personality and professionalism. One thing I know about Elena, she is passionate about fitness and health, she is my motivator and a source of self-development. She never stops learning and sharing her knowledge with me. I’ve stayed accountable to my goals through the years, and ready to reach new levels of fitness with my “Devil in Nike”.
— Krista
I have returned to Elena after a two-year break. We started working together at my neighborhood gym, and I got great results and lost unwanted weight. When I reached out to her this year, she remembered me and very specifics of our sessions in the past. I have struggled to motivate myself to be consistent with my workouts, or even have a routine that works for me, I always had an excuse why I couldn’t make it to the gym: stressful day at work, it’s boring, no time.
It felt great to get Elena in my corner again to pick up the pace and start moving towards my goals! She’s motivating and makes it exciting to work out! Our workouts are challenging, but not going to lie, I am looking forward to them!
— Blanca
I needed some serious help (still do) but didn’t feel comfortable in the gym. Elena was professional, passionate and fun. Clearly knows what she is doing as I hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt. Looking very much forward to continuing to get fit with some real good help.
— Chris