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  • Human and Sports Performance Programming

  • Sports Specific Speed + Agility Conditioning

  • Strength Training for Functional Movement

  • Injury Prevention

  • Corrective Exercise Techniques


There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do- and I believe that.
— Derek Jeter

Harold Holness is an overall athlete that enjoys all sports and fitness activities. Originally born in Fayetteville, NC but raised in Miami, FL, Harold played baseball for seventeen years of his life. Starting at the age of five, he loved the game of baseball. He was the team captain of his high school baseball team for all four years and was the first to sign a letter of intent to play collegiate baseball in the history of his high school. Harold then played at Barry University in Miami, FL for all four years where he also received his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. 

After baseball, all Harold wanted to do was to change individuals' lives. By always being a leader in sports, he wanted to transfer that into being a leader in the fitness and wellness industry. Harold interned at a highly respected performance training facility in North Miami, FL called Bommarito Performance Systems. At BPS Harold gained much knowledge and helped train professional NFL, MLB, NBA and collegiate athletes. After interning at BPS during his last year semester in college, he found Fast Twitch Performance Training thanks to his advisor Yuri Fueto.

Harold worked at Fast Twitch for five and a half years in Miami, FL where he trained a number of youth, collegiate, professional and executive cliental. At Fast twitch, Harold was a Lead Performance Specialist and the Operations Manager of the Little River location. Building his name within the community, Harold became a Lululemon ambassador for the Lululemon Aventura location. 

There are two important quotes that Harold lives by. One from his father, "Be The Best Of The Best" and the other from his mother, "Live each day smiling no matter what, take one day at a time to achieve your dreams". Harold is a huge family person in which he admires and looks up to his family everyday. From his parents, sister, brother and nephews.

Harold lives each day to the fullest with the love of his life, his fiancé, Samantha Sanchez. Samantha means the World to Harold as they both fulfilled their dreams to move to the west coast to live in a new adventurous lifestyle with their two dogs CoCo and Little Bear. 


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • AED/CPR Certified

  • Bachelors of Science | Exercise Science


Harold was my trainer consistently in Miami for two and a half years. He was extremely creative with all of his workouts so, there was never a dull moment! Harold also exudes such a positive attitude which, is so important when you are working out one on one with a trainer. He is one of the best coaches and, wish he had been my coach when training for the Olympics!!
— Doris Glenn Richards, 3 X US National Springboard Champion
I have worked with Harold the past two off seasons in Miami. My first time working with him I was only down in Miami for two weeks so my main goal was to try to get into shape. When I first met Harold, I quickly realized how knowledgeable he was because of how fast he was able to pick up on my deficiencies and diagnose the reason. After our first session he put together a great regimen that would focus on the most attainable goal we could reach in two weeks.
The work we put in was challenging and I definitely had to put my ego to the side immediately because I think I threw up the second work out I had with him. Our goal was to try to get more mobility out of my hips and get full extension when I run because after the videos he took, we could see that I was not fully extending the leg I was exploding from and it shortened my stride. After two weeks we made noticeable progress but we knew that all we needed was more time.
The next off season I decided to spend 6 weeks down in Miami working with Harold. We committed to putting more time in on the work we started the year before and we made huge progress. By the end of my time there we had achieved the goal that we set. I loved that he recorded our drills because it was helpful seeing the progress from rep to rep. And it was even better seeing the progress I had made from the year before, it was night and day.
I appreciated the relationship I built with him mainly because it was very clear that there was time for us to laugh and talk but when it was time to work, it was time to work. His drills work creative and taxing but I knew that they all served a purpose and I knew I would see results, so as much as I would dread doing certain exercises I knew that it was going to pay off.
Above all else, Harold was a great person to work with. You could tell that within Fast Twitch he was very well liked and respected amongst his peers and definitely with his clients. If I didn’t enjoy being around him then it would have been hard to push myself to work harder for him.
— Asante Cleveland, Tight End for the Los Angeles Chargers
The only problem I see with Harold is that he moved to California! I surely miss training with his knowledge, his motivation and that good feeling that some people have as a talent which makes it a pleasure to work with them.
He trained me for over a year and I have never been in better shape. I am a performing artist and at 47 years old, it has become essential to me to be fit. Also, I can’t afford to be injured and that is when having a trainer that really knows what he is doing comes into play.

I would 100% recommend Harold to any of my colleagues or friends.
— Jorge Villamizar